Xenoblade Chronicles 2

released on Dec 01, 2017

The next adventure is on the Nintendo Switch console set on the backs of colossal, living Titans. Discover each Titan's diverse regions, culture, wildlife, equipment, and hidden secrets. Find, bond with, and command weaponized life forms known as Blades to earn abilities and enhance them. Uncover the history of Alrest and the mystery of its endless ocean of clouds.

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My favorite switch only game. Excellent story, characters, and gameplay. I wish that this game was on other platforms so that the graphics could be a little bit better, but I sunk a ton of time into this game and really enjoyed it.

My mom walked in on me playing this so I switched it to porn because that would be less embarrassing.

the game is just horrible compared to its predecessor
only good things about this game is the soundtrack and zeke and morag

La mejor historia que ha hecho un japones, pero con el peor gameplay que existe. Totalmente equilibrado

For some reason this was my first non pokemon rpg

Game is good, but not as good as first.