Xenoblade Chronicles 2

released on Dec 01, 2017

The next adventure is on the Nintendo Switch console set on the backs of colossal, living Titans. Discover each Titan's diverse regions, culture, wildlife, equipment, and hidden secrets. Find, bond with, and command weaponized life forms known as Blades to earn abilities and enhance them. Uncover the history of Alrest and the mystery of its endless ocean of clouds.

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How does one of the greatest and most well thought games of it's time get THIS as a direct sequel? I don't consider myself overly critical of media, but this is one of only a few video games I downright despise. I feel the need to mention the few good things it does, however. Some of the worlds feel cool to explore such as Gormott and the lefterian archipelago, even if their status as smaller titans leaves them feeling disconnected instead of pieces of a larger whole like the first game. I also liked Morag and Zeke. That's basically it.
None of the initial characters are likable. Rex is an annoying character who feels like he comes from a crappy anime from a decade ago, with Pyra serving as generic Waifubait (guys she can cook and has giant boobs isn't that cool?) Nia's just kind of a bitch and not in an interesting 'there's more to her here' kind of way like Yukari in Persona 3 (there is more to her but it's not super interesting) and Dromarch who's just kinda there. Then there's Tora, a character who builds an underage looking girl it's implied several times he wants to fuck, and nobody pays any attention to this other than 'that's a bit weird.'
While the first game didn't have the best combat, it's dragged down in 2 dramatically by two things. 1: enemies having a shit load of health and 2: the blade system. Instead of getting new abilities with some crazy method like progressing through the damn game, enemies will drop core crystals that can spawn a new blade, which are like Stands from JoJo's if you removed literally anything cool about them. Most of the time you'll get absolutely useless blades, occasionally getting something decent (which will probably look like an anime girl catering to a weird-ass fetish) getting abilities that are actually good is almost completely RNG dependant, like a shitty free mobile game instead of something you paid 60 euro on. Every blade also has field skills, which are needed to access certain areas of the map. These take a long time to fill, as it individually cycles through every blade in your party that has the field skill needed, only speeding up after multiple failed attempts.
The story is also bland and predictable. I didn't enjoy many story beats revolving around the main 6 characters from the start (even if Zeke and Morag are actually good characters) The start of the game is also unbearable due to the sheer amount of tutorials, which are useless and you will skip, which leads to you skipping the 5% which are actually needed.
Overall, don't play this game. It isn't worth your time.

Mixed opinions but overall loved it a lot. Arguably the most visually beautiful game of all time. This game has so many biomes and areas that look so amazing. This game is an exploration playground. Music fits in well too. I thought the characters were great and loved the protagonists of this story. Side quests are meh-meh-meh, not so interesting. I did in fact love the combat, kinda boring at first but get really good and challenging later on in the game. It's important to level up and upgrade gear. Something that irritated me a lot were the skill trees for all the blades. It becomes mandatory to upgrade skill trees in order to progress the story and the game isn't always very clear on how to upgrade them. I had to do a lot of research in order to figure it out and sometimes it became so overwhelming that I dropped the game every now and then since it was so stressful to deal with. And while did love the gorgeous looking world, the navigation was ridiculous. All you get is a bar on the top of your screen that points the direction you have to go and lets you know if you have to be on a higher or lower level. This didn't help all the time and often got totally lost. It can take you 30-60 minutes to find the right path to progress. The story was pretty damn good. There were so many heart touching and sad moments that really made me love the game. Torna The Golden Country DLC makes this world of Alrest all the more depressing and tragic and I loved the storytelling behind it. I especially enjoyed this on NG+ since I was able to get through the game without the stress of having unlock abilities for blades to get around in the game. This game is awesome but does have unfortunate problems that may be a turn off to many players. In my opinion definitely not a game I would recommend to new-comers at least. Other than that this was a fantastic game and while it was rough for me at times I don't regret buying this game.

I love this game despite its flaws.

yeah, some of the female character designs are atrocious. the game does have a very slow start, it has some of the worst tutorials I've seen, and field skills can be annoying... but it's so good despite all that.

once the story gets going, it gets going. tons of emotional moments, some of the best villains I've seen, deep fun and interesting characters, it's just incredibly well written all around.

the music's some of the best ever too. the cutscene music, the area music, and all that amazing battle music... phenomenal soundtrack.

the battle system's really great too, building up elemental orbs to then obliterate the enemy is incredibly satisfying. the way it works unfortunately does result in you not really approaching different enemy encounters differently, but it's really enjoyable none the less.

It hurts knowing just how many people missed such a good story due to such boring reasons. I understand the sentiment but the experience I had playing this game is few that I can compare to. The later half of this game I STILL feel is better than Xenoblade 1's story. I love the cast and charm they all bring together. I admit there are many flaws to drive a person away, but I can easily ignore them for the lore of the game's world, the fantastic soundtrack, the beautiful worlds you traverse, and the absolutely fun and rewarding gameplay once you learn the chain attack's gimmick. Love this game with all my heart.

The game starts out slow, but I gave it a chance and soon realise it's one of my favourite games played ever.

Story: The plot is good, no crazy plot twists but just an overall solid story.

Characters: Solid characters development. For how much the protagonist annoyed the hell out of me when the game first started (partly due to the English voice acting but mostly due to how the character was at first), I felt that much more happy and fascinated to see his growth and how much I liked him as a character in the end. The supporting casts are wonderful as well.

Gameplay: The battle system starts out being a bit boring, however as you slowly progress through the story and more things get unlocked. If you are able to learn how the battle system works, it's a really fascinating experience. One of my biggest criticisms would be the map compass system, it can be extremely misleading at times especially when you are new to the game.

There is also the field skills that can be annoying at later parts of the game, having to grind or do some side quests when the story action is getting exciting just feels terrible. Good thing for me is that there's a save editor that allows players to skip the grinding process, and I highly encourage you to use it whenever you don't feel like grinding or just want to progress through the story.

Music: Just outstanding soundtracks played at the right time in the right cutscenes.

Voice Acting: This is where I made probably the most important decision in the game. Before chapter 3, I decided to switch from English to Japanese, as the English voice acting from the protagonist just kills my experience during the game from time to time when the cutscenes play. Sure enough, I'm so glad I switched to the Japanese V.A before..one of the most important and amazing cutscenes in chapter 3.

Overall, this is a game that if you stick through it (pick the Japanese V.A, trust me), a game that provides you with an unforgettable journey and experience.

De toda saga Xeno este es el que más me gusta