What is the GOTY event?

The Game of the Year event is an annual event on Backloggd where you get choose your favorite recently released games for different categories.

What are the categories this year?

You'll be able to choose a winner for Game of the Year, Best Gameplay, Best Narrative, Best Art Direction, Best Soundtrack, and Best Multiplayer.

How long does the event last?

The event starts Nov 15, 2023 and ends Jan 1, 2024. After it ends you won't not be able to edit your submissions, so make sure you have all categories set before then!

What games are eligible?

This year, any game released between Dec 4, 2022 and Dec 3, 2023 will be an eligible choice. Additionally any games coming out of early access in 2023 are eligible.

Why is the release date cutoff before the end of the year?

The cutoff is set earlier to give you time to play a game before setting it as one of your picks. Additionally the later a game releases, the less people will have had a chance to play it giving an unfair chance at winning.

What happens to the results after the event ends?

At the end all the votes are tallied and the winners will be revealed along with how many votes they got. So be sure to check back to see which titles end up as Backloggd's games of the year!