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They added 2B into the game so it is a good game

I love the graphics and felt way better than the original.

This game feels like ass and is unbalanced as fuck but oh my god Siegfried… hi Siegfried… :D

It's fun but taking this game remotely seriously would make me lose my mind

As someone who genuinely appreciates the Granblue Fantasy characters, world and lore, but isn't a fan of gacha games, I'm extremely grateful that the developers continue to release these higher-budget console games. This allows me to fully enjoy the franchise without having to deal with the frustrations of gacha gameplay and grindfests.

Rising is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable fighting game experience I've had in a long time. It addresses all the shortcomings of the previous game, resulting in a highly refined experience. I also adore the attention to detail in the character interactions and animations. Despite being a fighting game, each character radiates personality and charm, just like in the mainline and event stories of the gacha game, making them all a joy to play.

One of the standout features of Rising is its accessibility. It allows newcomers to jump in and pull off impressive combos with ease, yet the system is complex enough to require dedication to master. It's simply a fun fighting game.

Tried the demo. Looks very very promising ngl.

I knew next to nothing about Granblue Fantasy. I had this game on my radar, but I held off on buying it. I got gifted it for my birthday and now I may be a Granblue person. This game is super fun.

It's not a super deep fighter, but you don't need that to be good. Doing combos feels fantastic. The presentation is top notch as well. That Fall Guys ripoff is so dang silly it exists and I can appreciate a game making a weird side mode for the heck of it.

Also Yuel is my main. I love her.

if you are winning the gold bar game in the fall guys mode it is because i am on your team you are nothing

We really can't have a multiplayer game without dailies and battle pass anymore, can we?
The game is great otherwise, but the fact that it tries to dictate when and how I should play it really turns me off.

honestly my definitive fighting game

I like the gameplay, I love how every character has unique interactions, I enjoy the soundtrack (even if there's only a few true standout ones imo), and I like a decent amount of the characters and their playstyles. All the dub VAs also did a great job, and I'm a huge fan of how you hear what each player has set for their language (so if you use dub and a friend uses sub you get to hear your character in English and theirs in Japanese)

Technically a weak review because I'm playing on the free version (which btw is one of the coolest things any fighting game has ever done) until the first sale happens, but god it's just so enjoyable and maybe the most hours I have on any fighting game not counting Smash.

I loved Versus, Versus Rising is just everything I loved before PLUS SIEGFRIED, FINALLY

now give me Siete or so help me-

The original GBFV was the "anime street fighter" that a lot of FGC twitter wanted, and found a dedicated scene, but I didn't find that appealing. Rising is a true blue ArcSys game, which is to say "it's designed by baseheads".

Getting the negatives out of the way, no, this should not have been sold for another $50, and while the netcode upgrade, new system mechanics and relatively few new characters are welcome, the price along with a battle pass and DLC characters is outright predatory in a genre that, while not great, usually avoided the worst of these excesses. There's also weird design issues with the cast. Older members of the roster were clearly built with a different design philosophy than the newer members of the cast, and older members were either brought up to parity with the older members of the roster with band-aid fixes to frame data/new EX moves (shoutouts to giving my beloved Bubs a full screen unblockable setup, again, fighting games made by junkies) or in a few cases just left to rot until they hopefully give them needed fixes a year or two down the road that might not fix core issues with their design, but can slap enough good numbers on them to make them kinda viable (see: Strive Anji). Nier and a few characters get more reward off of stray hits than the rest of the crew for seemingly little downsides, but that's balance shit, again, they'll even it out (if not go overboard).

All that being said, I have really been enjoying this game, so much more than I thought I would. The "everyone runs strike/throw" mix has actually been doubled down on, with the universal overhead button moving to 5XX6X instead of just being a thing you can press. Alpha counters/dead angles were added, and they're very strong while presenting enough counterplay to bait them out and get a big punish if you can get the read. As of now, the roster is sizable and the characters play very different from each other in ways that feel less homogeneous than some other FGs. Within the constraints of "if you get a safejump off of oki, count your lucky stars", there's a lot of cool shit characters can do under the hood, and even relatively simple characters have enough setups to keep the game from getting stale. It still looks and sounds just as good as the original game, and while I haven't touched the single player or party mode of the game, I'm glad it's there for the people who like it and if it ropes more people into the game, it's hard to complain. Special moves tied to cooldowns seem less restrictive than before, even though with the new EX moves you'd think the timer crunch would be felt more. The netcode is also excellent, even across continents I've felt that it's good enough to not impact the competitive integrity of the game.

GBVS: Rising is what I wanted out of Strive, or DNF Duel. There's a lot more to chew on than the original release, while not being as frustrating as either of the previous games. I think the price of the game and its monetization is bad enough to where it seriously impacts my willingness to recommend this game to someone, and if you don't like stagger pressure/fishing for counter hits like everyone's Sol Badguy, this isn't going to do much for you. If you're someone new to fighting games and want something more approachable than other titles, or you're a vet who wants something that doesn't take 50 years of labbing to jump online and crack skulls, Rising is a game that, even alongside new FG releases like UNI2 or Tekken 8 is worth considering. ArcSys is clearly moving away from the design tendencies that gave us +R/Xrd/CF, but if this is the result going forward, I'm looking forward to seeing future releases.

As someone trying to "officially" get into fighting games, I gave the original GBFV a try and wasn't sold. But Rising somehow makes the issues from GBFV either irrelevant or nonexistent. Definitely the one I want to spend time with. Really cool characters, a super unique world, a very fun combat system, and it even includes a minigame mode that is literally just "Fall Guys, but better" for some inexplicable reason.

If you're a fan of 2D fighters, I definitely recommend it.

I honestly have found getting into fighting games to be really difficult due to a lack of interest in them most of the time, I’m not sure what it is about this one specifically but I do like it a lot

Genuinely happy that GBVS is getting it's time in the sun since the original release was eventually affected by the pandemic when that rolled around. I like a lot of the new system mechanics and a larger emphasis on aggression and offense which was much harder in the vanilla version. While I have some gripes with the monetization (I know season passes are usually expensive but if you want to buy the game go with the deluxe edition, getting the dlc separate is way too expensive. That's also not including the battle pass and the usual regional pricing issues) I think it's worth checking out, especially since you can try the free version to dip your toes in the water before biting the bullet and shilling out the dough.

If I had a nickel for every fighting game I played in which I mained Siegfried and had to learn the 2B matchup, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

I love buying fighting games, play them on ranked, and then having depression for being awful no matter how good you are.


Pretty great actually, I enjoyed this quite a bit

Definitely one of the most fun fighting games I've ever played, the character roster is top notch, the music is incredibly well made, and I adore the artstyle.

I barely touched the original game even though I was very excited to play it. However, my motivation was waning to pick it up again and try it out but for some good reasons. Thankfully, this "updated" version of the game is miles better than the original. It actually makes me motivated to start practicing and getting into the genre of fighting games aside from some of the cracked balancing the game has I hear from time to time (and how bad the journal comments get). Definitely will love to play more of it casually and practice while playing the added Grand Bruise mode. They really did so much for this game and I love it. The ideas are very fun and they're not afraid to execute it along with a strong online networking that further benefits the game. Again, my definitive fighting game that will truly get me into the genre.

Absolute joke of a game, generic anime bullshit where 90% of characters look and play the exact same, pushed even further by system mechanics like 66L. It's appalling how people prefer this homogenised "bishounen" game over games with soul such as Guilty Gear XX/Xrd (not Strive) or Street Fighters.

I'm not into fighting game, but as someone who spent at least 10k hours in og gacha GBF i'll by default try any attempt of Cygames to do anything outside of mobile gachas, and i was surprised by how much i enjoyed playing Rising even more so compared to VS og.

Give praise for he has no equal.

gorgeous, addicting and very accessible while bringing its own flavour of depth to the fighting game genre. completely unafraid to borrow what works and sprinkle in its own ideas. feature rich launch state, decent price, large and diverse roster, gorgeous visuals, best-in-class netcode, solid post launch support.
it is doing too much.
it's doing more than I ever dared hope it would and I'm unabashedly thrilled about that

The fighting in this game is super rad. i just wish the menus worked. Its very frustrating to hop into a lobby and have to fight the game to have control of the avatar. Once you actually get to fighting this is one of the best and easiest to understand fighting games ive ever played. I enjoy it a lot.

game has crispy visuals, cool abilities, bad bitches, and just really fun and satisfying gameplay
on top of all of that, the majority of cosmetics can be unlocked via free in-game currency? no grimy monetization bullshit?
couldn't ask for more in a fighting game