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qepd lbp, buen juego y marcaste gran parte de mi infancia :v
actualmente muerto

Even though this game clearly has a lot of issues, I still can't stop loving it. It introduced a lot of QoL improvements to the Create mode such as being able to make your own power ups or increasing the layer limit by a lot. The DLC weren't on par with LBP 2 but still were pretty good (except the MGSV ones). I never really cared about LBP story modes so I don't have much to say about that. The glaring issue is how often your save gets compromised and how buggy the multiplayer is. I can understand if someone hates the game for those two reasons alone, but it mostly improves from its predecessor. It's like every two steps it takes forward, it also takes one step on a pile of crap. I still think its a great game but it could've been more if Sony didn't pressure Sumo to release it before the holidays.

This one was a more unique little big planet than i had previously played, but not in a bad way. It was still one of my childhood classics.

LittleBigPlanet 3 is a generally mediocre platformer. It doesn't control extremely well, and the character you have to play as for the majority of the game is easily the worst of the 4 total characters to play as. The game never poses a challenge nor experiments with anything very interesting, and some of its bossfights will boot you after a couple deaths, making you frustratingly replay these boring and tedious levels. It compensates for these shortcomings by having a level creator, although this is relatively limited. Overall, the game is very short and not really worth playing.

mi juego de la play ahora lo tiene un niño de ecuador

it feels fucked up to call myself a fan of lbp and have only played this and the one on the psp. other than the glitches it was still pretty fun. newtons a silly guy and i like him

🎶"He wears: tan shoes with pink shoelaces, a polka-dot vest and MAN oh MAN!"🎶
This being rushed is the single greatest sin in gaming imo. Not only did it crush one of the ultimate franchises in video game history - but it squandered what definitely was shaping up to be the best entry in the series. Because even with its litany of bugs, overlong load screens, and - its most grievous fault imo - a way-too-short story mode, this still just OOZES childlike wonder in every frame. Swoop, Oddsock, and Toggle are perfect new additions to the world who all feel exciting to play (in addition to of course Sackboy), Hugh Laurie's Newton is a hoot (as are all the other side characters), it's got the most fleshed-out create mode, campaign is loaded tight with some of the very best levels in the whole series (Shake Rattle and Roll, High Stakes Heist, Masque Maker's Tower, Flip-Flopped Folios, Deep Space Drive-In, Cloud Caravan, etc., etc.), side quests were an amazingly implemented feature that fit these games like a glove, and not only does it have the greatest soundtrack in the franchise imo but also one of the best in all of gaming period. With this, Sumo Digital created a loving, cozy, and quite honestly seamless pastiche of what Media Molecule was so expertly doing with the previous games. I like that new Sackboy game and all but I really feel like they sterilized the formula with it, unpopular opinion but it can't touch this one. If Sony wouldn't have been greedy fucks and let this have more time in the pot like it needed, there's not a doubt in my mind it would have been a masterpiece.

Not as good or memorable as the first two entries and most of the new additions felt like gimmicks.

Incredible game, adds on a lot to the previous two, but 2's story mode is miles better and its kinda glitchy

glitches??? performance issues??? nah, i love lbp3

Not as good. Buggy, didn't add much. Bummer.

This is objectively the best lbp if you ignore the lacklustre story and all the glitches

Not as good as LBP 2 but a good game nevertheless.

This was a let down after the first two

LittleBigPlanet 3 offers new mechanics, characters, and story that are enjoyable for players of all ages. However, the engine can be unpleasant at times, as spawning a few objects can cause the game to overheat. Overall, it's a fun game with a few technical limitations.

every time i play this game i am reminded how annoying it is and how much i hate it

It's... okay. As a standalone game, it's fine, but compared to the series, it's disappointing. Even with custom servers online play is impossible, not to mention the harassment of loading screens. I hope they make Littlebigplanet 4, but who knows.

yeah i know this game was rushed and had an ungodly amount of bugs even for release day standards and half of the playerbase forgot it existed before it was the only way to archive old lbp levels. BUT LIKE this is a game where you help cardboard elvis rob a casino and then play zombie pinball Come on now.
gary numan jumpscare

first game i hit 1000+ hours on

Le preste este juego a un primo y nunca me lo devolvió 10/10

Solid game with some really fun missions

I hope this franchise comes back man

Its okay, i never got to play it fully cause its so so laggy but i heard the online multiplayer was pretty good

De los mejores momentos que he vivido jugando con mi hermano.

This was an unfortunate disappointment for my brother and I back in the day. The game is okay but compared to the last two games it was a let down. Regardless though it is a fine experience and I think if this was your first Little Big Planet game I think I would not judge you for it. I did like the new characters and the addition of more layers to level creation but I remembered not liking an aspect of the story. I will try and remember it since its been a while. Regardless though, I will miss this series. ;(

Everyone makes fun of this game but I loved it, possibly even more then the others. 5/5