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I forgot to reeview teehee. I forgot.
I played with my friend and it was so bad! I wish to play it again but they all got arrested I think! I really really want to play this again!

I really enjoy this game, was on the fence about buying it, but like I once did with Escape from Tarkov I thought why not take a risk and try it out.
First few days were horrible, thought about refunding it every single day, couldn't escape any raid, was dying constantly to mobs but the few encounters I had with players and having come out on top on some of them, made me keep wanting to go foward and push through.
Alas after a lot of struggling to learn the the game, I managed to escape once, after that I escaped even more, until it snowballed into good raids and bad raids. Im glad I pushed through the difficulty of this game just like I once did with Tarkov. It has a pretty steep learning curve with a very hardcore feel to it, each hit you take could be letal and there are a lot of mobs with different attack patterns for you to learn, but once you do, it all becomes manageable while still maintaining that hardcore feel.
I love the enviroment the devs have created and can't wait for more, this different take on the genre is very entertaining, you have a dungeon with loot and enemies, players are spawned all around the map and you just progress and loot what you find. The closing circle forces players to interact with each other. Leading to some very intense moments of pure chaos.
The foundation is there, looting mechanics work, weapons and gear you can acquire gives you a lot of possiblities when it comes to creating a loadout, and the maps are well designed. You can have so many different experiences depending on the class you choose, if you go solo or with a group, the weapons of your choice and how you choose to approach every raid.
Its a very fun game that I can't wait to see where it goes.

A new fresh take on the "'extrator" genre with a Fantasy/medieval focused take (Fighter, Mage, Rogue, Bard etc).
It plays great and it's only Early Access, i'm sue it will be a fantastic and complete product in two or three years.