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This game is such a blast and I really hope the team continues to add more and improve upon the game.
Deceive inc is a Spy x Hero shooter game where you spawn into a map with other players all disguised as NPCs. You walk/run around the map trying to find rooms that will have a machine that will allow you to unlock the final room. This all sounds simple BUT this is where the fun starts and lord is it very fun. While you are running around you will be in the same areas as the other real players but you never know who is who unless you catch a real player acting weird in which you can shoot them and see if they are real or not. If it is another player you both will go out of disguise and into the agent you actually chose and fight. If the person you shot isn't a player but an NPC you will go out of disguise just being ready to be jumped on by other players.
Its such a simple gameplay loop but its weirdly addicting since the gunplay is very fun and it is extremely fun trying to sneak your way around the map not wanting to get caught or catching out other players. Each agent is equipped with their own skill set and weapon that is specific to that agent alone and there are agent gadgets you can as well equip to each agent.
Honestly as of right now I don't really have to many negatives with the game past balancing issues with some agents and agent gadgets. I really hope this game does well enough to allow the dev team to show continue support because I really do think this game can form into a nice little online game as updates continue to roll out.