Lots of these puzzles required quite a bit of thinking but they were all very satisfying to figure out. I must admit I did need to look at a tutorial (once!) and that was for a part of the escape sequence at the end. Speaking of which, there is a section where you revisit a previous test chamber and I destroyed a cube in that room that was necessary for the puzzle and the dispenser wouldn't release another so I had to reset the map. That's my only legitimate issue I've had with the game.

It's Portal 1 innit, my favourite aesthetic. Can't get enough of it 😎

The small amount of music made for this mod is great and adds vibes that fit perfectly with Portal 1. Sadly they're short and don't loop 🥺

Voice Acting(?)
GLaDOS is voiced by a text-to-speech bot, classic for an old Portal mod. If this mod ever gets the RTX treatment then I hope they upgrade it to... AI text-to-speech I guess lol

Nothing spectacular, when playing this you should be here for the puzzles and not the lore. Just a basic "test subject escapes facility".

Very ebpic. 🤠

Reviewed on Feb 27, 2024