This game has a really good story. Like, a REALLY good one. I definitely think it is worth playing, and this deserved GOTY over God of War 2018 in my opinion. My gripes with this game have to do with Rockstar's stereotypical system for making video games. The mission/level design is so painfully boring and uninspired that it makes me groan everytime I have to do one. You go from point A to B on your horse, shoot up like 50 people, retrieve someone or something, then ride your horse back, all while the story is about the characters trying to better themselves and the outlaws of the West are dying out. Im not sure what else I expect coming from Rockstar, the makers of GTA, but I sometimes find myself wondering what if this game was structured something more like Disco Elysium, or Resident Evil 4? Where instead of having a hundred filler and boring missions doing the same thing, each individual mission has a new and amazing mechanic to help tell the beautiful story that is RDR. The story aside, the online mode is as good as dead. No updates from Rockstar and the most toxic people ever. Also, in a game with so much to do, you often find yourself wandering around aimlessly with no real goal in mind. I've had some good moments with friends, but nothing to cement it among my favorites game of all time. The game should have been a TV show tbh

Reviewed on Nov 20, 2023


3 months ago

I definitely think God of War deserved the GOTY win over RDR2. It had a great story AND fantastic combat. All the issues you mentioned about RDR2's gameplay is what made me prefer God of War. GoW had fun puzzles, amazing combat, and an excellent story on top. RDR2 has an incredible story, but that's the main thing it has going for it, and I always see gameplay as the most important thing in a game. I got tired of the gameplay after like 5 hours, but I continued playing because of the story and characters. In God of War, on the other hand, I was constantly having a blast with the combat. If you ask me, I found it so based when The GAME Awards picked the game with the better gameplay.

3 months ago

I can totally agree and see where you come from if you choose gameplay over anything else, as that is one of the core structures of a game. For me though, story and world will always trump it. A game can have the shittiest combat in the world but put it in an interesting setting and give it a great story and I will play it for hours. Maybe it is why I love games like Morrowind and New Vegas so much

2 months ago

Most games have basic structures really, but they mask it to not seem like it for the most part.

Thing is, Rockstar has been putting the same mask over and over again which means the trick starts to wear off with the years, knowing the high production value this game has. I love New Vegas because of the choices and love me a good linear structure because it doesn't waste my time with filler. RDR2 kind of does this two things at once not releasing it's full potential.

Worst offender are the long travels on horse on missions, it's like being stuck on a slow linear rollercoaster. I do believe exploration is good, inmmersive and full to the brim with details but again, it doesn't reach the stakes the main story ones have, for obvious reasons.

What I just don't like it's my time being wasted, unless I explicity want to.