November update: Marking this game as "completed" since the last Pokémon Splatfest since I'll be likely be playing this less until the next Splatfest. I'm ooking forward to the new season, but instead of grinding to S+ I'll be taking things a little more casual from here on out!
I'm still enjoying multiplayer in Splatoon 3 and will be for some time, but I've played enough to say that Splat 3 brings back more of the same in a wonderful way!
Being able to play Salmon Run whenever you want is one of the biggest improvements, and I'm really enjoying that they made it more challenging (random matchmaking aside... that is a difficulty all on its own). Collecting badges and banners extends the longevity because I can't stop playing Salmon Run just to get the next badge to jazz up my banner.
It's so early in the game's lifecycle that I really look forward to the next set of weapons, maps and clothing. There's something so charming about dressing up in the best drip and splatting folks with a bathtub.

Reviewed on Nov 08, 2022