Nintendo's other magnum opus.

This was the first game I (my parents) ever preordered because I was so insanely excited for this game, watching the trailer every day and getting so excited to play a second Mario Galaxy game, and it paid off. I thought this was the best game ever when it came out. So many fun memories. As a kid I always preferred this over Galaxy 1, but now they’re kind of equal.

Anyway, I never understood the criticisms of this being more of the same as Galaxy 1. This game has a much different tone and wayyyy different level design. There is not a dull moment in this game, every single level has it's own gimmick which is crazy, there are so many fun ideas and variety in Mario Galaxy 2. The music, levels, and bosses are just as great as the first game. This is probably the most consistent and quality sequel ever.

Reviewed on Feb 06, 2024

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