The morph mechanic is done very well in this game. After killing an enemy, Harlo can morph into them, giving them new attacks and traversal options. Kill enough of the same type of enemy, and now Harlo can transform into them anywhere on the map, which is quite a clever mechanic for a Metroidvania. On top of Morphing, players can completely change their playstyle by equipping different chips and momentos.

The game is very pretty. Each area is well detailed and oozing with atmosphere. I appreciate that the mini-map shows unique details in certain rooms, making it easier to remember the layout.

My biggest issue is that the menus in the game can be unwieldy. When teleporting or reviewing side-quests, it's difficult to tell which option is selected because the highlight is understated. When using the SAVE stations, the player must enter one menu to modify their loadout, and then a separate menu for the Fast Travel, which is clunky. My last issue is with the dialogue. The story is good, but the conversations between certain characters can last way longer than I feel is needed.

Reviewed on May 19, 2024