Ok, so I actually like both 3 Houses and warriors games. And honestly, once I beat my first route (Blue Lions), I thought the game was fine, but with issues. I consider it a step back from Age of Calamity in terms of the warriors combat and the story felt watered down in the end. Basically, I would say you will be better off if you grab 3 Houses and Age of Calamity and play them rather than this.
However, the 1 star review goes for the NG+. It's plain unforgiveable. First of all, your levels carry over. Good! But for reference, I beat the game with the mc at level 50. For one of the first chapters, the choices of difficulty are: Normal with enemies at level 5, Hard with enemies at level 16, Maddening with enemies at level 150. Something is wrong here.
And of course, you get new units in the other routes! Except you don't, because they are either at level 1 which means you have to grind to hell to put them on par with the other units.
But the worst part, the one thing that made me drop this game without playing the other 2 routes, is that you unlock 3 cool units with Renown in NG+. But you CANNOT use them in story mode. You can only use them when you replay missions. But this game has literally 3 routes of content, I don't have time to repeat missions. Why such incompetence? I know these units would clash with the story, but like this is NG+? I don't care if there's two of the same character in one map.
Honestly, the worst NG+ I have seen in a game and I hope people start speaking about it once they reach it. Maybe we will get an update that fixes some of these issues. Until then, no thanks