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Nier: Automata - The End of Yorha Edition
Nier: Automata - The End of Yorha Edition

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This review contains spoilers

This game surprised me very positively, so much so that it became my second favorite game of all time.
Ner:Automata is an Action RPG, set in a world where machines created by aliens have taken over the world and our goal is to destroy all machines and return the world to humans.
It's a simple premise, but behind that backdrop lies one of the most unique and compelling stories in gaming.
The game's story touches on the following main themes: Existentialism, Militarism, Personal Loss, Machines can have free will, Genocide, Revenge, Fascism and the Human Condition. All of them very well explored, through the 3 protagonist characters of the game: The distrustful 2B, a combat android and protagonist of Route A of the game, Curioso 9S, a Scanner android and Protagonist of Route B and Main Antagonist of Route C of the game and Misteriosa A2, who initially appears as a minor character in Routes A and B, but becomes the protagonist of Route C.
As I already said, the characters during their journeys, will go through all kinds of experiences that translate extremely well into the themes mentioned above and in my opinion the best character in the game is by far 9S who initially he seems to be just the helper of the protagonist, but the character goes through several arcs, making him one of the best characters I've ever seen in a video game, despite that the other two characters are not far behind, although I think 2B is the weakest protagonist of the 3, because I think she's the least developed, yet she's also fantastic.
Talking a little about the Gameplay, the game's combat system is very simple, but very addictive, although at the beginning it is a little confusing, which made me lose the first mission of the game 2 times, but that was enough to get me used to it .
The game's graphics are not the best of their generation, not even on Ps4/Xone, but still the artstyle is extremely well done and conveys the game's atmosphere very well.
The Music is some of the best I've heard in a game, containing several tracks that use vocals in an epic way, a style of music that I love, especially in JRPG's.
One of the criticisms I have with the game is the fact that the game uses invisible walls excessively, they often had places where I thought I could enter, only to find myself with an invisible wall in place, this is one of the few things I I didn't like the game.
Speaking now of the moments that most impressed me in the game, I loved the fact that the game constantly changes the camera perspective and also alternates the game's gameplay between traditional gameplay and Shoot 'em up, and even makes the characters themselves interact with the menu game settings, these things help the game a lot not to get repetitive in my opinion. But the moment I really understood that this was no longer a conventional game was when I arrived at the amusement park for the first time and heard your music, I think it was one of the most unique sensations I felt with a game, it's hard to explain, just playing to understand.
There's still a lot that could be said about this game, but I think that only by playing it can you understand why this game is so loved by those who played it, but to finish, I'm going to say in my opinion what message this game wants to convey : During our journey, we learned that humans were extinct many years ago, and that everything was just a lie created by Yorha, to give some meaning to the lives of these androids, but we also learned that the machines studied and copied the way of life of the Humans and later it is revealed that the Androids have the same type of conscience as the machines. So can you say that humans really went extinct? What makes us human?

This review contains spoilers

As a fan of the original game, I couldn't pass up playing this version.
Despite being a remake, this version is 100% faithful to the original game, but with more beautiful graphics and extra content, being "Merry Magoland", a place where you can play minigames and win prizes, such as masks and aids for use during levels. And "Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler", a new game mode that basically is the equivalent of Meta Knightmare from previous games.
In terms of Gameplay the game being the same, it continues extremely fun, and we still have the addition of 2 new skills, being "Sand" and "Mecha", both very fun to be used.
In addition, the True Arena returns in this game, just like in the original, but with a much higher difficulty that makes the original The True Arena look like the normal The Arena, since now both the bosses of Extra Mode and the Epilogue of the Magolor are fought in this mode, adding many more bosses to the mode. In addition, the final boss of The True Arena is still Magolor Soul, but the battle has been changed so that her difficulty is much higher, basically a kind of "Magolor Soul EX", yet the original battle still remains. found in the game, as the final boss of Extra Mode.
I only have 2 criticisms with this game, one is that to play 100% of the game you need to complete both Normal and Extra modes, which means you will play the game 2 times and it can be quite repetitive. The other is that the game forces you to collect all the "Merry Magoland" prizes to reach 100%, and that in my opinion is absurd, since there are some challenges that can be very difficult for many people, for example I don't I'm able to beat "Samurai Kirby's" hard mode, simply because I don't have that fast reflexes and because of that I can't do 100% in the game.
Overall this is the definitive version of the game, and it's a great starting point for newcomers to the series.

This review contains spoilers

My biggest disappointment of the year 2021, I had already played the previous 2 games in the series, with the second being my favorite and was hoping that the third game would become my new favorite. Unfortunately it didn't happen.
The game has 5 open maps, each one completely empty, horrible performance reaching singular fps very easily, very ugly graphics, I would even say inferior to Wii's no more heroes 2.
The map contains locked areas and I thought they were areas that would be unlocked after some missions, or at the end of the game, but no the areas are locked simply because they were not programmed into the game.
The game is extremely repetitive, basically you have to go through the empty maps looking for challenges, by completing these challenges, you will earn coins, by getting all the coins, you can fight one of the 10 bosses in the game, the first two games also suffered from this problem, but I think this problem should have been solved in the third game.
The bosses are good and even creative, but I still prefer the first two games bosses.
The combat was improved, but I did not understand why we only have access to a single beam katana during the entire game, in the first game, the katana could be upgraded, and in the second game we could collect different katanas and exchange them at any time during the challenges, giving a variety in fighting, not here, here we are stuck with a single beam katana the entire game, leaving the fighting boring after a few hours of play.
The stories of the games were never anything that deep, but they suited the type of game, but this one was the one that interested me the least of the stories in this series. A lot of things don't make sense in it, for example out of nowhere Travis' cat can talk, Naomi turned into a tree with no apparent explanation, several years have passed since the first game and it seems like the characters don't age.
The game ends in a cliff hanger, indicating that supposedly we will have a fourth game, although the Suda 51 has already said that we will not have a fourth game, then I did not understand why end the game this way.
In the end I only recommend this game for those who are very fans of the franchise, who have no interest in this franchise, I recommend much more the first or second games.