Like everyone else said, great gameplay, terrible story and characters.

The graphics are great for a Switch game, the animations improved a lot and everything is overall much prettier to look at.
Unfortunately, all of this is often ruined by the weebification of the character design.

This is not only reflected on the visual design of the characters, but also in how they're written and voiced. Every dialogue is extremely cringe or excessively melodramatic, making it impossible to take anything seriously.
This is especially disappointing after Three Houses, which had one of the best stories among the Fire Emblem games.

This game is saved entirely by its great gameplay, mixing classic Fire Emblem with new balanced mechanics that never feel underperforming or busted.
The same can't be said for the gameplay outside the actual maps. The Somniel is a terrible hub with no personality, and ends up being a place where you run around doing boring chores between every level.

- Take ores from the dogs
- Take the reward from the well and put some more weapons in it
- Do the social gatherings to increase support level (only for boosts because I skipped most of the cringe support dialogues)
- Go to the arena to train
- Take the shards from the achievements
- Eat to get stat boost

All of this separated by various loading screens, which made it even more frustrating.

It's very rare for a game to have such a big margin between the good and the bad. In some moments I felt like giving it 4.5 stars, but as soon as a cutscene started, the score in my mind would drop to 3.0 stars.

Reviewed on May 15, 2024