I was loving this until the 2nd Biome, super fun gameplay and smooth controls, but I'm just not willing to invest so much of my free time on it.
The thing I hate the most in Rogue-likes is repetitiveness and you're telling me that I have to basically make 2 hours runs every time I die?
The rogue-like structure of the game is terrible, permanent progress isn't much so every run just feels like a huge chore especially because they are all the EXACT SAME, there's little to no variations to the stuff you find compared to Isaac or Hades.
I died at the first try of the 2nd boss when he was at 1hp and instead of saying "fuck, I'll try one more time" I just wanted to kill myself.
One day I'll find a rogue-like that doesn't frustrate me after a couple of hours...

Reviewed on Mar 13, 2023