I've been waiting to write this review since I played the campaign early. This is the worst CoD campaign by far (even Ghosts has a better campaign and that game is objectively bad) and a major disappointment for me as a long-time CoD fan.

I was cautiously optimistic about the new open-combat missions; I'm always supportive of studios trying to change up their gameplay formula in order to innovate on existing ideas. Unfortunately, they missed the mark entirely with these missions. The missions have essentially no narrative focus outside of a brief cutscene at the beginning and end, and some incessant radio chatter in-between if you're not completing your objectives fast enough. These missions essentially feel like watered-down versions of DMZ maps in Warzone and I ended up dreaded seeing the "open-combat mission" pop-up while I was playing.

Speaking of Warzone, the blatant re-use of assets from Verdansk is wild. I immediately recognized several parts of the map while I was playing and couldn't believe that they had cut this many corners in trying to ship this game out in less than a year.

I've always given this series the benefit of the doubt since I have a soft spot for it, but this kind of feels like the last straw for me. The fact that I paid $70 for a campaign that barely lasted 4 hours and was this low quality is infuriating, and this feels like a low point for the series. I'm hoping with the recent Microsoft acquisition that the CoD teams can take a step back and re-evaluate because this emphasis on micro-transactions and Warzone over a good campaign just isn't it.

Reviewed on Nov 10, 2023


3 months ago

The campaign being mediocre was one thing to me, but have you gotten into the multiplayer at all? Put in a few hours last night and it made me immediately wish I was playing MWII. That might change but I was genuinely shocked. Unfortunate to see about Warzone though, not a part of it I was planning on engaging with and I guess it'll remain that way.

3 months ago

@Weepboop I haven't played the multiplayer in the CoD games for a while now, my friends and I mostly play Warzone and I've always prioritized the campaigns over anything else. Warzone's definitely taken over in terms of the core focus of CoD and it's honestly a shame.

3 months ago

@ckl1995 Gotcha, I ran some Warzone in the 2019 edition but as a PUBG enjoyer it ultimately wasn't my speed, I'd agree with that latter sentiment though. I think the main game's have suffered somewhat from their focus to the BR.