This review is to tell you all, my friends, that there have been some pretty large breakthroughs within the past few months to create a translated, parsable version of this game for non-Japanese players.

A Discord community and some developers put together an app called AHKmon that takes the Japanese dialogue of the game, runs it through a machine translation tool called DeepL (free separate download required) that is miles ahead of google translate in making sentences make sense, and translates the game's text content live on a small separate textbox.

The interesting thing, however, is that in addition to the machine translated tool, the developers are updating a database of all the text in the game, which the AKHmon tool runs the text through first before machine-translating, to see if a pre-existing translation already exists. In the database, these lines are currently just machine translations, but they are looking for volunteers to hand-edit them to create a better localization for the dialogue.

What this means, is that, as far as I know, this is the first attempted synthesis of fan localization and machine translation pipeline software. Quite newsworthy indeed! When you think about it, that is really the best way to fan-translate an MMO like this, which has text that's premade and new text that's generated all the time online.

Keep in mind this is super new, so it still has flaws and bugs, but I have high hopes for this project!

If you want to join the discussion, find the devs, or talk about stuff, the discord link is here:

As for the game itself, I'm only early in, but this game is crazy interesting. What MMO asks you to create not only your own character, but to then choose a sibling, younger or older, male or female, and then character create them too at the same time?
What MMO bakes that relationship into the narrative and ties familial themes so hard into its world and gameplay?
What MMO then asks you to reincarnate later, to choose a new character race, and then go through a different character creator when you're already somewhat into the game?

The lengthy offline portion of the game at the start itself feels exactly like a mainline DQ game, with interesting characters, a fantastically designed town, standing up to even the best in the series, great writing, constant subversions of what you think is gonna happen, and a weird narrative focus on alchemy, making it stand out from what I typically imagine for the series.

I can't wait to play more!

Reviewed on May 14, 2021


2 years ago

Oh that sounds rad as hell. Maybe if there is nothing official out by when I’m caught up with FF14 in twenty years I’ll go for it.

2 years ago

this is such a crazy technical achievement by the modders..... awesome!!

2 years ago

Oh!!! Thanks for bringing this up!!!!

2 years ago

I have a friend that's been wanting to play DQX for awhile and was let down by the recent news that this still isn't getting officially translated. This however seems like a fun experiment to try out though, so thanks for sharing it!