An interesting game on the wii U, that's for sure, but I guess I was expecting a little something more from it. There are a lot of cool ideas put in this game, such as the "permadeath" concept, where you have to kill your previous self as a zombie if you die, as well as the many various uses of the Wii U gamepad in order to increase tension. However, those ideas really aren't put to the very best use, since the gamepad stuff just has you constantly scanning every room to make sure you see items and the permadeath stuff doesn't really matter since the story progresses anyways. I think it would have been cooler if they had made a more difficult, shorter roguelike kinda game where the gamepad stuff is more prevalent to keep you constantly on edge from the zombies instead of the game that they made here. The game is paced kinda poorly and there's a huge big dumb mcguffin hunt for no reason at the end which sucks. Game was disappointing because I could see what it was trying to be, it just wasn't doing the best job being that.

Reviewed on Mar 17, 2023