welllll...the games jank okay the games jank as hell. it's jank as shit and sometimes the multiplayer doesn't even work!!!!!

when it does, though.. hoo boy strap in. despite it's really terrible meta issues, it sticks true to the classic splatoon formula of ping ping woomy shoot ink go squid, albeit with the new unbalance that all of the new specials subs and mains bring. despite that, though, splatoon 3 is a genuinely fun experience even if it makes me want to go back to it's predeccesor on occasion.

the singleplayer is on a whole new level, too - especially with it's finale and the MAIN IDOLS FINALLY GET TO SHOW UP AS WELL WOOOOO, so even if the multiplayer doesn't work all of the time singleplayer is always there, with banger tracks and a fun blend of old and new oe-style singleplayer mechanics to boot.

ping ping wahoo squid yay

Reviewed on Mar 18, 2023