I'll admit, I lean more towards sims like Assetto Corsa, Automobilista 2, etc but I really wanted a fun game on a controller. I've already gotten a ton of time out of Gran Turismo 7, so I wanted something else. I saw GRID Legends on gamepass and thought, no way this is good right? Well, the driving physics are actually quite good on a controller. It's not realistic or anything sure, but it plays out just like a GRID or non-Rally Dirt game would. Having an actual storymode that isn't tied to a real world motorsport allows them to get away with more, which is interesting. I also find it fascinating that you can play the career mode online with your friends and randoms, which is neat. The biggest downfall of this game comes down to the AI, they will shove you into walls and act like you're not even there half the time. There's also a "Rival" mechanic, where the AI will purposely try to wreck you if you rub/smash/run into them too many times. It's frustrating and doesn't belong in a motorsport game, or a game with so little visual damage to the cars. Overall, it's a fun little time waster and that's exactly what I wanted. Good job Grid devs, work on the AI next time.

Reviewed on Dec 29, 2022