Grid Legends

released on Feb 24, 2022

What does it take to become a racing legend? Welcome to Grid Legends: a high-stakes driving experience that combines thrilling unpredictable motorsport, incredible race variety, and an immersive driving story that puts you at the heart of the action.

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It is far better than the 2019's reboot but it's not even on the level of Autosport. GRID 2 is still far best while 2008's OG GRID is still redeemable. Legends pushes the series a bit forward but I doubt it's just enough. The story also had some rivalries and shenninagans. It was an interesting take but whatever. While the driving is nice, the catch up and rubberbanding issues (they are common but needs to be fine tuned) were strong with this one.

A completely passable racing game, with an interesting story mode and unfortunately not much else.
When I play a Racing Simulator game I like to collect the cars and see which ones would be good on certain kinds of circuits. What bothered me about this game is how they restrict you from using only a handful of cars (sometimes only 2-3) for a specific circuit type. Hell, the tracks available for those circuit types are also limited, with sometimes only 2 available to you. Sure, you can change the weather, but I didn't notice a large change in the map design whether it rained or not.
In all, there are better out there. You won't have a bad time here, but you'd be better off with a Gran Turismo or a Horizon game.

A racing game that looks great and is fun for a bit, but really plays it safe and doesn't do anything real interesting.
Much of the story being locked behind DLC is unacceptable, in terms of what's not DLC there was the makings of a good story but it just wasn't well-developed

Na falta de Gran Turismo vai tu mesmo. A ideia de um jogo de corrida contar uma historia é mto massa, ainda mais no estilo Need For Speed 2015, porem oq vc faz na pista nao afeta em nada o desenrolar da historia, se vc fazer os objetivos minimos ja ta otimo, se vc ficar em primeiro em todos, ngm liga. A jogabilidade e os graficos são OK, nada de fabuloso pra um jogo de PS5, e se vc quiser fazer tudo, meu amigo, boa sorte, é muito repetitivo e chega a ser chato. A personalização e tunagem de carros é uma porcaria, nao da pra fazer quase nada. Mas é um jogo divertido.

Já faz algum tempo que Grid estava cada vez mais saindo da rota simcade que marcou o inicio da franquia e também seu antecessor, TOCA, e Grid Legends finca de vez a bandeira em um novo estilo: o Arcade. É um jogo de corrida arcade de circuito divertidinho, nada mais que isso. Pode ser uma alternativa para aqueles que estão cansados dos jogos de mundo aberto do gênero, mas não vá com altas expectativas. Entre os pontos positivos cito o excelente numero de pistas, a variedade dos eventos de corrida, o modo de criação, o multiplayer, o nível de acessibilidade e o grande suporte que a Codemasters deu. Entretanto o modo historia é muito ruim e enjoativo pela falta de desafio (até na maior dificuldade é fácil) o nemesis mode da IA é mal executado, os visuais não tiveram grande alteração se comparado com o GRID 2019 e o sound design deixa bem a desejar.

Unfortunately I found Grid Legends to be very bland which is surprising as I enjoyed Grid and Grid 2 on PS3. I also liked Dirt 1-4 and Dirt Rally. I'm not sure what's going on at Codemasters but this, Dirt 5 and Onrush have been really underwhelming.
First off the good. It works, looks decent, runs fine and I got it from PS Plus. There is a good amount of tracks and cars. It's kind of fun just driving with reckless abandon, smashing into other cars and clipping walls.
The biggest problem this game has is the way cars feel to drive, which is a massive issue for a racing game. They don't behave at all like you expect a car to, the physics are just weird. Driving feels stiff and simple, you really need to try hard to lose control. For example you can drive a RWD car in the wet with no traction control and just floor it without any concern for wheel spin. It's like the developers didn't want you to be able to fail. So it's not realistic at all but it also doesn't deliver arcade fun. It also does not find a balance between realism and arcade thrills. It is just bland.
The story mode was thoroughly boring and I quickly started skipping cut scenes. The career mode is grindy and you get tired as one dull race bleeds into another. You can try to keep things fresh by constantly changing the type of vehicle you are racing. I found the stadium trucks to be the highlight. There is also drifting which they also somehow made kind of boring. It's like the whole game was made as safe and uninspired as possible. They didn't want to allow players to suck at it.
It's not very good but doesn't do enough to make me hate it. I can't recommend Grid Legends unless you got it with PS Plus or are desperate for another racing game.