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steam 100% 29 - 21/04/24

grid legends is a step up from grid 2019 - what was a game that had a good baseplate for what was to come, however lacked in content and failed to engage with the player, leaving an experience that many got bored of before finishing. grid legends had one thing to do - build up upon what grid 2019 left and find a way to make the ingame experience feel unique and enticing.

did it? yes and no.

at the start, you would be pointed to the story mode, a episode like story staged like a netflix show like f1’s “drive to survive” series. a new take to the series, however shown previously in codemaster’s f1 story mode games in f1 2019, f1 2021, and f1 23. the story - although predictable - was well put together and had references to the previous grid and toca games that came before this entry, what shows the attention put into it. additionally, the story mode doesn’t take too long, and can be used to get a grasp on how the game works. the parts are usually “do this (normally finish a certain position) and move on” sort of thing, what isn’t too bad and doesn’t rely on the ai and their actions.

however, this game very quickly overstays its welcome, especially in achevement hunting.

after the story mode, you would be moved onto the career mode. one problem - the career mode is staged in the exact same way as grid 2019’s career mode. except for the new content, such as drift and elimination events, this game has the same carrer mode as its predecessor, just shown in a different format. i had to take multiple breaks before finishing this game, as races felt like a chore, doing the same thing again and again. what made it worse is that some championships could be 3 races, or as short as 1. some races inside of them can be 2 minutes long, or up to 12 minutes long, so you don’t know how long it will take until you experience the races yourself.

furthermore, the car upgrade system doesn’t work well. to upgrade your car, you need to drive a certain distance with it. seems fine, however some championships only unlock when you can get upgrades at a certain level, what means (usually) you would have to spend time going around a oval just to get the miles for the championship. the final “pro” series forces you to do all of the championships, so sometimes you will have to farm mileage for championships. furthermore, you also need to get to tier 3 for roughly 15 cars and go beyond that for two more cars! this game quickly outstayed it’s welcome on my end, where getting all achevements ment doing events that felt like the same race again and again, and mile grinding that also feels like doing the same thing as before.

for an additional price, you can also get the special edition for dlcs. bare in mind that for the 100% you do need to get the dlcs. the stories are well put together and work as a extension for the base game story mode. the destruction derby dlc has buggy collision, what proves to be a problem when the requirements for the events are based on the collision model. the endurance and seneca one was okay, does the job well and showcases the edurance feature added (although the events are a maximum of 10/15 minutes long), the ravenwest dlc is in my opinion the best one out of the 4 dlcs, the events also further focus in on the throwbacks to the toca series of games as well as race driver grid, especially in the art direction for the ui for those events. the snow dlc was forgettable, think it’s because it just feels like regular events but in snow conditions. overall they do work well as their own solo events, and add small parts into the ingame universe that has been built up, however don’t expect massive amounts of focus in on the story like the main story mode.

overall, grid legends is a game that made an attempt on its job - to build on the baseplate left by grid 2019. did it work well? yes, as long as you take the best parts in, the story mode works well and the dlc adds onto it. furthermore, the new modes added can break up the monotony of regular races, and are also showcased quite a bit by the game. however, the same base career mode left by the game still leaves a bitter taste - as there is no real feeling of being in a team, more feeling like a shopping list of events to complete. a far cry from race driver grid’s career mode with teammate, money and car management features.

it’s a shame though this may be the final entry, ea hasn’t said anything about the franchise for a while and with dirt’s transformation into ea wrc, it looks like all of codemaster’s franchises are being turned into sports series or being canned. so this may be the end of the grid franchise, with the modern era leaving a game that although overstays it’s welcome for some, leaves some notes inside of its finale for a series that had seemed to peak in the mid to late 2000s, like most racing game franchises.

A decent racing game with a single player experience that encapsulates what the series itself was going through. Finishing the story mode feels bittersweet knowing the current state of GRID.
While most likely this is the last entry in the series, it's great to see it come to a positive conclusion.

Jogar Grid é jogo um F1 arcade, me senti bem confortável na maior parte do tempo, depois de umas horas se torna bem exaustivo.

Grid Legends es un buen juego, pero escaso en comparación con otros Grid.

En este Grid Legends han querido profundizar en una historia que es realmente buena y entretenida, dura unas casi 6 horas y tiene escenas grabadas como si fuera una película, y sorprendentemente siendo bastante cliché te consigue enganchar y mantener un aura bastante épica hasta el final.

El resto del juego es donde falla, y es que en comparación con otros Grid en los cuales tu ibas creciendo poco a poco por una tanda de niveles hasta llegar a lo mas alto, aquí han preferido centrarse en una buena historia y en el online (muerto a día de hoy), lo que para mi es una decisión desastrosa. Complica y hace pesado todos los modos extra a parte de la historia.

Estos modos extra son como los de siempre, tienes 4 categorías que iras desbloqueando según vas jugando, comprando coches/mejorándolos/mejorando el equipo y el mecánico y superando poco a poco estas fases hasta llegar al nivel final "El Gauntlet", todo pinta muy bien, pero después de jugar la historia se vuelve algo extremadamente soso, pasamos de una narrativa con una atmosfera super épica, con música muy buena, comentaristas muy bien doblados, compañeros hablando durante las carreras aumentando toda la ambientación, pasamos a carreras sosas, sin nada de epicidad, cero comentarios, aburriendo bastante rápido porque son los mismos circuitos de tooooda la vida de Grid, los cuales vemos obviamente también en la historia (no todos, pero casi).

El juego esta muy bien en cuanto a historia y DLC's que expanden esta historia, pero en cuanto a contenido extra se vuelve algo monótono, pesado y soso, centrándose en un online a día de hoy muerto.

Me habría encantado tener un modo carrera, que es lo que parecía, creación de un equipo, gestionar los coches, los compañeros, y realmente puedes hacerlo pero entre muchas comillas porque el impacto real que tiene es mínimo, me esperaba algo como los modos carrera de los F1, con un equipo propio, tabla de clasificación, temporadas, pero no lo tiene y habría sido la dirección perfecta para mantener vivo este juego bastante mas tiempo, ya que por suerte la conducción con prácticamente todos los coches es muy agradable, haciendo que como de costumbre en los juegos de esta saga la conducción sea super cómoda.

Resumiendo, el juego es divertido, tiene una buena historia, es bastante cómodo y divertido a la hora de jugar, pero le falta contenido de calidad mas allá de la historia.

The physics is pretty bad, but I guess that might be me getting tired of arcade racing games. The AI is either too easy or too annoying depending on the setting. Almost as annoying as multiplayer, especially when it randomly starts lagging, freezing your screen for multiple seconds. Which is unfortunate because it can be fun with friends.
Platinum is a bit too grindy.
Visually it's good tho

Mecanicamente é a mesma coisa do Grid 2019, gameplay arcade boa de se jogar e em dificuldades mais altas a IA passa um nível elevado de desafio. Sobre a história é aquela velha coisa de sempre, piloto novato que tem que mostrar que é bom e etc, etc, etc..
É um jogo bom de corrida, melhor que muito NFS atual.

The racing is pretty good and there are lots of cars and locations on offer. The story is pretty funny and bad but I still enjoyed it. The career, however, is a long slug. There is too much grinding involved to unlock some events and most of the events are too long to be enjoyable. The grinding in the end game to unlock all the trophies was also really boring.
But overall, it is still a solid game with a dumb and funny story but it is not worth completing the whole career mode.

Grid Legends é um jogo de corrida em terceira pessoa que permite que você jogue como um piloto novato que se junta à equipe Seneca Racing, uma das participantes do campeonato mundial de Grid. O jogo mistura cenas de ação ao vivo com corridas em diversos cenários e modalidades, desde circuitos de rua até pistas de rally.

O jogo tem alguns pontos fortes, como:

Um controle preciso e responsivo, que se adapta ao seu estilo de jogo, seja ele mais arcade ou mais simulador.
Uma variedade de carros, pistas e modos de jogo, que oferecem desafios e diversão para todos os gostos.
Um modo online cooperativo e competitivo, que permite que você corra com ou contra seus amigos ou outros jogadores do mundo todo.
Um visual impressionante e realista, que aproveita o poder da nova geração de consoles e cria uma atmosfera imersiva.
No entanto, o jogo também tem alguns pontos fracos, como:

Uma inteligência artificial inconsistente e às vezes injusta, que pode tornar as corridas frustrantes ou tediosas.
Uma falta de originalidade e criatividade nas missões secundárias, que se resumem a repetir os mesmos objetivos e enfrentar os mesmos tipos de adversários.
Uma performance técnica instável e problemática, que causa quedas de framerate, bugs e glitches.
Uma história decepcionante e sem graça, que não consegue envolver ou emocionar o jogador.
A duração da campanha principal do jogo é de cerca de 15 horas, mas pode variar dependendo do seu ritmo e do seu nível de exploração. O jogo também oferece conteúdo adicional após o final da história, como novas missões, desafios e modos de jogo.

No geral, Grid Legends é um jogo de corrida divertido e empolgante, mas que sofre com alguns problemas de execução e polimento. O jogo vale a pena jogar se você gosta de corridas realistas e de ação, mas não espere uma experiência tão refinada e impressionante quanto os jogos da série Forza ou Gran Turismo.

Esta é a minha crítica do jogo Grid Legends. Espero que tenha gostado. 😊

It is far better than the 2019's reboot but it's not even on the level of Autosport. GRID 2 is still far best while 2008's OG GRID is still redeemable. Legends pushes the series a bit forward but I doubt it's just enough. The story also had some rivalries and shenninagans. It was an interesting take but whatever. While the driving is nice, the catch up and rubberbanding issues (they are common but needs to be fine tuned) were strong with this one.

A racing game that looks great and is fun for a bit, but really plays it safe and doesn't do anything real interesting.
Much of the story being locked behind DLC is unacceptable, in terms of what's not DLC there was the makings of a good story but it just wasn't well-developed

Já faz algum tempo que Grid estava cada vez mais saindo da rota simcade que marcou o inicio da franquia e também seu antecessor, TOCA, e Grid Legends finca de vez a bandeira em um novo estilo: o Arcade. É um jogo de corrida arcade de circuito divertidinho, nada mais que isso. Pode ser uma alternativa para aqueles que estão cansados dos jogos de mundo aberto do gênero, mas não vá com altas expectativas. Entre os pontos positivos cito o excelente numero de pistas, a variedade dos eventos de corrida, o modo de criação, o multiplayer, o nível de acessibilidade e o grande suporte que a Codemasters deu. Entretanto o modo historia é muito ruim e enjoativo pela falta de desafio (até na maior dificuldade é fácil) o nemesis mode da IA é mal executado, os visuais não tiveram grande alteração se comparado com o GRID 2019 e o sound design deixa bem a desejar.

The story seems interesting but I never got to finish it.
It's fun to play but I'm just not good enough at driving games

Sürüş mekaniği kötü, hikaye modu berbat. Online modundaki custom pist seçenekleri ise bir o kadar güzel ve çeşitli

I will start from the positives because I genuinely think that the game is good. Driving feels great, the story, well, it's there and is alright. I really like the how the type of even switcher every time, it really helps you to not get bored with one type of car. I enjoyed the use of the adaptive triggers: they help you understand when you start losing grip and give an idea about optimal breaking pressure. Neat. It is not that long of a campaign, and there are some DLC which I will not be buying, but it was all very much enjoyable.

Now, the things I disliked: Your opponents seem to be glued to the ground, and not be phased even if you T-bone them at the corner, while you will be lucky if you car does a 360 after kissing someone's back bumper. Now that I think of it, it may be because I had the max difficulty which disables all the assists and this does not affect your opponents, but deamn, your wheels get switched to a shopping cart setup and those dudes are on straight up rails.
Another thing that I disliked was graphics: In this regard, the game seems unfinished. You can frequently see lights which are kilometer away passing through buildings and mountains, the low-poly models for cars are not only bad, but also restore removed body panels 100 meters away from you, so you can clearly see that, while I was playing in 4k, I could clearly seeing aliasing sometimes like it is 720p, visuals as a whole look impressive in the rain (at night), but otherwise it felt cartoony because of the lack of shadows, especially inside the cockpit. It sometimes felt like I was playing Real Racing 3 (which is a mobile game).

I mainly played the story mode.
All over the internet this mode was being critized as lackluster. But I guess because of my low expectations playing this game I was pleasently suprised to play a fun racing game.

Enjoyed this game a lot more than FM7. Better handling and no stupid bugs like I experienced in FM7.

no geral eu gostei do jogo, o modo historia eh bem legal eu nao esperava isso, unico problema sao as atuaçoes que sao bem vergonhosas mas a gameplay eh boa para um jogo arcade.
fiquei decepcionado com o modo carreira, apesar do jogo ser legal se torna bem enjoativo

A return to form for the Grid series (and especially Race Driver, for those cool enough to know). The variety is back alongside an actually interesting single-player that mimics a sports documentary style to tell it's shockingly enthralling story. While it probably wasn't enough to save Codemasters and the series as a whole, it's a triumphant final oo-rah for a series that seemed to be on the way out.

It's a bit sad to think that the racing game that entertained me the most recently wasn't the latest Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo, but this game. I didn't play it with high expectations, as I've tried other GRID games before, and none of them caught my attention. However, this one is so beautiful, runs so well, and its live service aspect is so unintrusive that it's hard not to like it. I found the idea of splitting it into two modes quite interesting. The story mode introduces the game in a cool way, and then you can continue in the career mode if you enjoyed the gameplay. The difficulty options are also praiseworthy.

This game is a lot more than just its story mode, but that's what I experienced in my 4 hours and it's decent. The handling is a bit too muddy for my taste and the story mode is a little too easy and has the usual racing game disconnect of me winning all races and the game portraying my performance as adequate and shows the team struggling.
Performance is really good, graphically the game looks really nice.

Physics felt a bit wonky, game looked and sounded great though.

Joguei apenas o modo história e já foi de mais. Dificuldade mal balanceada, nas corridas finais tiveram algumas com mais dificuldades que outras. A ultima corrida foi um bom desafio, porem em geral é um jogo de corrida bem mediano, mas da pra se divertir em alguns momentos.

I only played the story mode and that was enough. Poorly balanced difficulty, in the final races there were some with more difficulties than others. The last race was a good challenge, however in general it is a very average racing game, but you can have fun at times.

Para quem já jogou vários jogos de um mesmo gênero fica bem perceptível certas situações "copiar e colar" que são, na atualidade, motivos de vídeos e reclamações intensas nas redes sociais. Sem surpreender ninguém, Grid Legends é mais um dos milhares exemplos lançados anualmente, mas diferente do que muitos esperam, o título agrega ou melhor, retorna com pequenas características e modificações que diferem dos demais, criando o famoso sentimentalismo de "jogo diferente".

Quem tem o costume de conversar comigo sabe que o gênero de corrida, simulação ou qualquer outra coisa relacionada a carros é, de certa forma, um interesse recente pois nunca tive condições de bancar, porém com a aquisição do Game Pass a possibilidade de jogar sem arrependimentos é algo que me deixou tentada e desde então estou dedicando parte do ano para me aventurar por esses jogos.

Grid Legends foi estranhamente um jogo que carreguei durante 2023 e não foi pela dificuldade, repetição ou falta de interesse, mas pelo tempo e por lançamentos que não paravam. Porém, com a época de festividades se aproximando, também chegou o momento de finalizar a última pendência oficial e preciso dizer: começar 2024 com um jogo como esse não foi nem um pouco ruim.

A diversidade de carros, pistas e modos de jogo para alguém com o primeiro contato é extremamente diferente do comum, deixando o jogo bem mais dinâmico e com aquela sensação de "não sentir as horas passando", pois a todo momento é jogado um novo desafio.

A campanha também não decepciona, principalmente pelo elemento que carrega toda a trama e não, não foram são carros, mas as atuações e a utilização de um dos elementos que mais sinto falta na atualidade: FMV. Sei que posso parecer uma pessoa estranha, mas toda vez que um jogo é lançado com o recurso, meu lado "fã da Sierra" retorna com força total e se torna quase impossível não dedicar um tempo para comentar sobre isso.

Apesar da sua alta dedicação para a diversão, Grid tem uma das piores soundtracks que já tive o prazer de escutar e eu entendo a ideia de colocar algo de ação extrema para atrelar a ideia de "corrida é igual a ação", mas vamos variar um pouco, por favor?

Sendo um jogo da EA já é de se esperar problemas de desempenho e alto custo, sem falar em expansões e alguns outros elementos, mas como o jogo está disponível no GP, sinto que pode ser uma ótima recomendação para quem só quer passar um dia se divertindo.

Fun game, and pretty entertaining story for a racing game.

A completely passable racing game, with an interesting story mode and unfortunately not much else.

When I play a Racing Simulator game I like to collect the cars and see which ones would be good on certain kinds of circuits. What bothered me about this game is how they restrict you from using only a handful of cars (sometimes only 2-3) for a specific circuit type. Hell, the tracks available for those circuit types are also limited, with sometimes only 2 available to you. Sure, you can change the weather, but I didn't notice a large change in the map design whether it rained or not.

In all, there are better out there. You won't have a bad time here, but you'd be better off with a Gran Turismo or a Horizon game.

Na falta de Gran Turismo vai tu mesmo. A ideia de um jogo de corrida contar uma historia é mto massa, ainda mais no estilo Need For Speed 2015, porem oq vc faz na pista nao afeta em nada o desenrolar da historia, se vc fazer os objetivos minimos ja ta otimo, se vc ficar em primeiro em todos, ngm liga. A jogabilidade e os graficos são OK, nada de fabuloso pra um jogo de PS5, e se vc quiser fazer tudo, meu amigo, boa sorte, é muito repetitivo e chega a ser chato. A personalização e tunagem de carros é uma porcaria, nao da pra fazer quase nada. Mas é um jogo divertido.

Unfortunately I found Grid Legends to be very bland which is surprising as I enjoyed Grid and Grid 2 on PS3. I also liked Dirt 1-4 and Dirt Rally. I'm not sure what's going on at Codemasters but this, Dirt 5 and Onrush have been really underwhelming.

First off the good. It works, looks decent, runs fine and I got it from PS Plus. There is a good amount of tracks and cars. It's kind of fun just driving with reckless abandon, smashing into other cars and clipping walls.

The biggest problem this game has is the way cars feel to drive, which is a massive issue for a racing game. They don't behave at all like you expect a car to, the physics are just weird. Driving feels stiff and simple, you really need to try hard to lose control. For example you can drive a RWD car in the wet with no traction control and just floor it without any concern for wheel spin. It's like the developers didn't want you to be able to fail. So it's not realistic at all but it also doesn't deliver arcade fun. It also does not find a balance between realism and arcade thrills. It is just bland.

The story mode was thoroughly boring and I quickly started skipping cut scenes. The career mode is grindy and you get tired as one dull race bleeds into another. You can try to keep things fresh by constantly changing the type of vehicle you are racing. I found the stadium trucks to be the highlight. There is also drifting which they also somehow made kind of boring. It's like the whole game was made as safe and uninspired as possible. They didn't want to allow players to suck at it.

It's not very good but doesn't do enough to make me hate it. I can't recommend Grid Legends unless you got it with PS Plus or are desperate for another racing game.


to much of the story is locked behing dlcs thats very annoying, the driving feels great and the car selection is actually pretty good.
imo there are way too many street courses we need more real tracks. the story is cheesy but at least they tried and they didnt try to make it serious. same complaint as dirt 5 why are they afraid of having a good damage model like its a bit better then dirt 5 ok but the cars still wont deform like they used to in grid 1. also same as in dirt 5 (theyre the only recent codemasters games ive played) there are no easy way to change the language of the audio on ps5, i mean come on being forced to play the game in french is like torture.

story is ok, game itself is good.

they collected porn-stars
paid them to act
then made a mid racing game
absolutely dog shit