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Shin Megami Tensei V
Shin Megami Tensei V

Apr 20

Aria Chronicle
Aria Chronicle

Apr 18

Code of Princess EX
Code of Princess EX

Mar 29

Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight
Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight

Mar 24

Omega Strike
Omega Strike

Mar 22

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a real threat that have inspiration from darekest dungeon style
its more easy but can be challeging
i play it at normal but you can be killed wehn you are fucking stupid with your decision on battle
the charater is great that didnt have any political view on them
but its drawback on swithc just frame drop that happen with hazard zone at anciet city and dragon mouth
other than that its great game

not my kind of the game
but still good game
the problem for this game is just some of the enemies can kill you in stun lock mode easily

the gameplay of this game isgreat but the downside of this game is just graphic that i cant forgive for this type of game
play it at other console
but its still solid platformer game