Yes, Leah makes a solid appearance here as well. As with BE MEGA, I will do my best with Saturn from the standpoint of a beginner and fangirl!
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Mar 12

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I’ve been playing this as my “I have 5-10 minutes to play a bit” game for the last couple months since I first got and CFW’d a Vita and it’s skyrocketed to maybe my favorite video game for that purpose ever.
Firstly this game looks ridiculously good for a portable game from this era. Unlike its Power Pros cousins, the Pro Yakut Spirits games are “real” players instead of the chibis and it looks great. There’s replays and even press interviews after games and really nice rain effects.
The manager mode is wonderful—player growth, scouting, draft boards and everything you would expect.
All in all, I just couldn’t possibly ask for more from a portable pick-up-put-down sports game like this.

This wasn't for me; it wasn't to my taste, unfortunately. I got out of the tutorial to the mode select and put it down.
I liked a lot about it: controlling a person made the visual novel stuff "feel" better for me than a visual novel ever had before, like i had a bit more control and agency and such.
The combat was pretty neato but probably for my taste it would've gripped me more if it was less abstracted or if i could zoom in and see the mecha punching the dudes--I did like that missile spam though that looked great!
I'm not the world's biggest fan of the big boobs and the naked girls in the mecha and whatnot; it's hard for me to get past stuff like that.

I've written a lot about how important Lunar: Silver Star is to me--specifically the Mega CD one--and Eternal Blue has always loomed in the background. I was aware of it as a kid, I was aware that a sequel to one of my favorite games like, existed, but it seemed...too much. It seemed to my child brain that it would be too hard to re-open that book; my emotions were locked into the first game, so why play a sequel?
As I got older, it became a bit of trivia I suppose--especially after I got rid of all of my childhood video game stuff and drifted from the hobby.
And then I came back and finally decided to play it, and it's wonderful. It's Lunar! It looks lovely in the same way Silver Star does. I love the cast of characters and the art style and the animations.
The story gets a bit more ambitious here--it's longer, too by a bit.
For me, it doesn't quite match Silver Star not just because of my emotional love of the first one, but also because Eternal Blue goes a liiiiiiittle wide. Not enough for me to dislike it at all, but it's noticeable.
If you like Silver Star you owe it to yourself to play Eternal Blue, for sure!