So I do think that the game genuinely does have its issues. The graphics are very RPG Maker esc, the fights are genuinely annoying to play through, some of the puzzles can get a little tiring, there's one part of the game that unfairly soft locks you if you forget something, and there are times when the Crooked Man himself starts to lose his actual scare factor.
Though despite this, The Crooked Man has an absolutely excellent story. Not one that I think takes full advantage of the medium that it's set in (with some exceptions), however still an emotional trip nonetheless. The main character while seeming boring at first glance has a surprising amount of depth to him, with the entire game's story revolving around his struggles specifically, with a conclusion to his arc that is incredibly bittersweet.
Imo it's less so meant to be played as a horror game and more so as a psychological drama, so if that seems interesting, I recommend it :D

Reviewed on Feb 23, 2024