A Space for the Unbound

released on Jan 19, 2023

A coming-of-age adventure where you follow two high school sweethearts on a journey of self-discovery at the end of their high school years while facing the end of the world. Explore 90s Indonesian town, uncover its secrets, use supernatural powers to dive into people's hearts, and pet cats.

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The setting and art are really charming, but the gameplay itself is really tedious and not very fun to go through - which is a shame cause I was really keen on this game.

This is just a fun (point-and-click?) game for the most part that builds up and crescendos into a highly emotional story that's incredibly gripping and compelling yeah. Its gameplay or rather its gameplay loop isn't exactly my thing but that's more a subjective thing i guess. That story is really what you should be checking out this game for. Topped off with a great pixel art and incredible ost/score by Masdito Bachtiar to accompany all the compelling drama and story beats of the game, it makes for quite the memorable experience. Do check it out ye

A gorgeous game packed with emotion and meaning. While the game may seem to be nothing more then a slice of life adventure at first glance, as the game starts to peel off the layers of its bright and sunny facade, a touching and hard hitting story is slowly revealed.

Wasn't sure if this game was my bag, but it was a recommended game to play by the Sony CEO Shuhei Yoshida, and also to get his Playstation Stars model, so I thought why not, let's see the kind of game this man would pick.
Well, turns out he has very good taste! This slower paced game was a welcome change for me, the mild combat system evoked a simplisic approach akin to a game like Undertale.
The story is moving, the pixel art is glorious. A true work of art the visuals and consistency are a sight to behold, monster and character designs are just flawless and bring the world to life.
I highly recommend this game if you are looking for a change, or perhaps to pick up a somewhat easier platinum trophy without much pressure.
In the end it actually leaves you yearning for a little bit more from a similar game, I can see a lot of potential for a future with a game of this style adding improvements herea and there.

ASFTU has such a fantastic and well-realized ending that you’re going to wonder why the rest of the game doesn’t feel nearly that good to play. Still, it’s an easy recommendation for anyone who enjoys well-told narratives and angsty feelings.

I enjoyed my time with this cute little game. It has really nice pixel art, some cool characters, an interesting story and there are many cats and other animals you can pet along the way. What's not to like? It's basically an adventure game, with puzzles and QTE events to progress throughout the game. It has cool environments and a lot of charm. If it sounds like you'd be into this game, then I recommend it.
Side note, this is the third game in the past few months that I've missed out on the platinum trophy because I missed a stupid collectible. I follow guides but somehow I end up missing something cuz I am a dummy. It's all starting to make me feel jaded on trophies in general.
Anyhow, fun game!
(EDIT: I went back and played through a second time and got the platinum. I was almost defeated but NOT THIS TIME. ^_^)
Platinum Trophy #127
Platinum #3 of 2023