Aegis Defenders

released on Feb 08, 2018

Take on wild beasts, ruthless soldiers, and ancient gods in this 2D Action-Platformer inspired by Tower-Defense combat.

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A weird 2D platformer/tower defense hybrid that doesn't do either thing particularly well.

beautiful game, with amazing worldbuilding and a really meh story (specially towards the end).
i wish i played this with another person, because playing it alone felt frustrating at times

A mix between 2D platformer and tower defense, Aegis Defenders is a charming title with a pleasant universe and an engaging cast. The problem is the execution, which may leave some players in disarray: some sequences would have deserved more finishing, so that the difficulty curve could be softened. Nevertheless, the title remains particularly enjoyable, at least by its successful attempt at a mixture of genres. It remains an experience to be shared in cooperation, for a better appreciation of the title.

Plataformero divertido de jugar con elementos de Tower Defense, cada nivel tiene sus propias gimmicks y el diseño de niveles te prepara para la fase final, aunque no posee demasiada rejugabilidad y por lo visto se juega mejor en cooperativo.

Played as coop. Interesting puzzles and tower defense moments. Pretty short game. Wasn't entirely memorable.

Aegis Defenders was one of the first games I played on my new PC. I got this game through a friend who had Humble Bundle, and I'm always eager to try different games. I really liked this but sometimes it was frustrating. I liked the art style, soundtrack and I thought the story was quite interesting.
I played this solo which is normally how I play games anyway so I didn't feel I was missing much playing co-op. Overall, I enjoyed playing the game and experiencing something different than what I would usually play.