released on May 26, 2017

CrossCells is an ambient logic puzzle game. Use number clues to remove tiles and solve the puzzle.

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A bittersweet end to my "Cells" game adventure.
CrossCells is definitely the most different of the bunch. The math a little more in your face here. And things seem much more open than they really are. The game won't immediately check a bad step like other Cells games. So, if you don't realize you made a mistake you can end up following a path that still makes sound sense for quite awhile before finding out you goofed. This openness can deceive you into believing there's more than one solution. But like all the other Cells games before it; There is only one solution. And the puzzle are meticulously crafted. You just have to check yourself here. Double check your logic is sound and leave your ego at the door. Which is what makes these new folds work. CrossCells would lack any real challenge if it checked your missteps. Just the nature of this particular beast.
I had fun and enjoyed the new challenge. But admittedly enjoyed it the least of the series. Compound that with it being the last of the series and well... Bittersweet.
[copied from my Steam review]

Good, but it's completely superseded by Hexcells and doesn't feature the latter's comfort features

+ Very challenging even for those familiar with these types of puzzles
+ Calming, zen atmosphere
+ Always a logical solution, no guessing required
- Expanded note taking features would be extremely helpful
- Too easy to brute force your way to solution if you make a guess or wrong turn
- Hard too see where you went wrong if you make a mistake, makes learning more difficult than it should be
- Too much mental arithmetic takes away from the appeal of the logic

I really didn't get on with cross cells for most of it, but the last 5-10 puzzles are great and totally brought back the dizzying highs of Hexcells.
Overall, it's bizarrely missing a lot of quality of life features that would make this a nicer experience (some of which are in his other games) and it's not as good as Hexcells... But if you liked Hexcells, you'd enjoy the end of this!

Possibly my least favorite of these games but still great.

I thought I was big brain by 100%ing all of the HexCells games, but the later levels in this game come to remind me that, no, I am still in fact very small brained.