released on Oct 14, 2021


released on Oct 14, 2021

In ElecHead you control a short circuiting robot called Elec, who electrically charges any object or structure they are in contact with.

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I think I really enjoyed this game. And I had been looking forward to buying and playing it ever since I saw the initial trailer for the game concept. The achievements are fairly easy to get all of them and exploring the mechanics. And playing through the game was really fun. I would really love to see more levels from this game. Especially ones that are more difficult.

Considering the majority of games I end up buying on steam are short, but stylized and unique platformers, I can't believe I didn't know about this one until now. ElecHead was a compact and extremely enjoyable experience. The gimmick of the game is shown right from the start and only continues to expand with powerups and unique interactions with charged terrain.

There are plenty of secrets to find too in optional collectibles and color palettes, as well as two endings. Going for completion won't take long but I highly recommend in doing so. This is a great compact platformer that completely flew under my radar and I'm happy to have played it.

There's not much to be said of ElecHead really. It's a short, decently paced, somewhat tricky puzzle platformer. Once again I find myself frustrated at the blatant padding that is making you replay whole sections of the game to find a collectible you walked past the first time, but at this point that's basically standard in these games. I want to like the little twist at the end, it's a cute idea that plays with non-linearity more than puzzle games usually do, but it honestly left me feeling really dumb for a good half an hour, thinking I'd made a completely pointless excursion when I was on the critical path. As much as I admire the desire to make a "pure" puzzle game with no text, sometimes it's just obnoxious. When you refuse to put words in your options menu (I'm not kidding), then maybe you've taken it too far.

Frustrations aside, it's still a cute game that does a pretty good job of intuitively teaching you its mechanics then bending them to their logical endpoint. Some dodgy moments aside, ElecHead is a fun way to spend an evening.

started this on pc but then decided it would be better on steam deck and moved there, but since it had no cloud saves i had to start over. but it's short, so that's fine.

just a really good puzzle platformer, nothing more. might go for 100%.

Petit jeu de puzzle/plateforme sympathique avec quelques bonnes idées.

Great puzzle game, doesn't overstay it's welcome and introduces new mechanics at a nice pace.