A turn-based tactical Western RPG in which the Chosen One is tasked with exploring post-nuclear California to locate and retrieve the fabled Garden of Eden Creation Kit for their famine-stricken tribe, while coming into contact through branching dialogue trees with numerous tribes, factions and micro-civilizations, each with their own virtues, vices, socioeconomic situations and political agendas.

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Just like the first one I knew a lot about it before ever properly playing it. I had the whole Sergeant Arch Dornan speech memorized before I ever touched it if that says anything. While the combat is tolerable, there is just too much of it. It's a lot goofier, so I see why I liked it more than the first one as a kid.

An easy contender for one of the best sequels of all time, Fallout 2 manages to improve on the groundwork of its already phenomenal predecessor and then some.
While the general game feel is mainly intact and unchanged, Fallout 2 still manages to expand on it with a general increase in damn near everything. Locales and Quests are much more fleshed out compared to 2, Companions are actual characters with a multitude of ways to control them (that and the push feature are an absolute godsend) and most importantly the general balance is a lot more natural with so many options it can be overwhelming when coming directly from 1 (like I did). From seedier locales like The Den and New Reno to the more conventional Vault City, every part of Fallout 2 is just so much more interesting compared to the relatively basic 1 (though ironically the main quest is somewhat of a remix and retread of 1s). I think the highlight for me would be all of 2s late game areas, with Navarro being a fun little sidestop with lots of unique Enclave Interactions and the multitude of quests in San Francisco (such as stopping the local cult from dominating the area and sinking a decades old submarine). Just such a fun time in each area that losing hours in one will happen multiple times throughout the relatively long journey (35 hours vs Fallouts 10).
Only big issue I have with Fallout 2 would be how it can at times feel too similar to the first, with many of the key issues I had (general slow movement in the overworld and clunky menu's) being much more exacerbated in 2. Also while I do like the overall world more I feel the Enclave make for a much weaker villain compared to the Master and Mutants from Fallout 1 (though the final conversations with Dick and Frank are a ton of fun and make me wish the talking heads were more featured).
Playing through these older Fallout games has made me appreciate the CRPG genre as a whole much more and I would easily call both top tier entries that anybody who likes should give a shot.

Easily the worst Fallout in the series. Takes everything that made the original a near-masterpiece and throws it into the gutter. It's actually kind of impressive.

One of the funniest games I've ever played. I was constantly entertained by some of the dialogue and scenarios that were presented in this game. Does mostly everything the first game did but better except this game feels more like a black comedy. Quests, factions, and lore are as interesting as always.

the first time we never forget...