Fallout: New Vegas

released on Oct 19, 2010

In this first-person Western RPG, the player takes on the role of Courier 6, barely surviving after being robbed of their cargo, shot and put into a shallow grave by a New Vegas mob boss. The Courier sets out to track down their robbers and retrieve their cargo, and winds up getting tangled in the complex ideological and socioeconomic web of the many factions and settlements of post-nuclear Nevada.

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To me, this is the current pinnacle of gaming. Intelligent storytelling, meaningful choices, an unforgettable world, and outstanding cast of characters.

In the lead-up to this game, I was so disappointed by 3 and what it did to the Fallout franchise that I was sure Obsidian couldn't turn it around, especially when they were using the same engine... and I've never been happier to be wrong.

It is a pretty good game and can be better with modding, as most of Bethesdas catalog goes. However, I can't help but feel the game is extremely overhyped for what it is. Can't go wrong with playing it though as the story is good and the gameplay is fun as hell, certified TK classic baybee

It is a damn shame that Obsidian arrived just short of that bonus with an 84 score on Metacritic, because they deserve every cent of that bonus for how amazing of a game this turned out to be.

The best Fallout game, without question. Sure, it also had its issues but it pulls off pretty much everything it's trying to accomplish. The glitches are still present as always, but I was so invested in my character that I simply did not care. Also, back in 2010, pulling off such an interesting open world pretty much always came with drawbacks of some sort. Nowadays that stuff wouldn't fly. I loved the character customization, the dire world, the weapons, the RPG mechanics... all of it. What a lovely game. I have a feeling if I went back to play it today though, it would be a rough time.

Just an almost offensively good video game.