Fear & Hunger

Fear & Hunger

released on Dec 11, 2018

Fear & Hunger

released on Dec 11, 2018

A dark fantasy survival horror RPG in which players must uncover the secrets of the dungeon of Fear & Hunger.

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Fear & Hunger 2: Termina
Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

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frustração em forma de jogo

O jogo com a melhor atmosfera que eu ja vi, sem medo de tocar em assuntos sensiveis se isso fizer parte da narrativa. o jogo realmente me assusta ate hoje mesmo sendo bem estilo rpg maker. todo jogo de terror deveria pegar umas notas de como criar atmosfera desse jogo

I played a couple of hours of this and found it an edgy, mean, and awful experience. Atmospheric, with excellent music and compelling visual design as well as what I am given to understand are some jolly interesting mechanics. However, for all its rampant misery, grossness, pain, and rape, there was no contrasting humanity that made it in any way affecting to me.

That's why 'Berserk', for instance, needs its Golden Age. I care about its characters' pain because they are driven by human emotions that I understand, and that makes the horrors they go through all the more affecting. Retrieving Some Rando, Esq. is too flimsy of a goal for me to push through the awfulness. When I was 15, I probably would've appreciated the pure spectacle of its crass grotesquerie, but not anymore.

This is just a pending review. Just my initial thoughts about the game. I'm making this since i don't know if i'll finish it.

I went into this game fully knowing that it's very punishing, but there's a goddamn line. This game isn't "punishing", it's just so unfair to the point where it's borderline unfun. Shin Megami Tensei is punishing in the way that if you don't understand the basic gameplay fundamentals (Press turns, weaknesses, absorbing & repelling, etc) then you'll get fucked because you don't know the game. Here in Fear & Hunger, even if you do know the game (I'll get more into that sentence later), you'll still get fucked because it's not fair at all and there's nothing that the game does to make it fair.

It's RNG at it's worst. Every single thing is decided by RNG in this game. Gonna search a barrel? RNG because it's different each time. Want to start a new character because you fucked the last one over? RNG becase the layout of every room is different each time, which does not contribute to a goddamn thing except dissorienting you. Want to do literally anything? Do a damn coinflip. Everything, everyone, and their goddamn mother needs a coinflip in this game. It's cool the first time, but gets tiring fast.

And back to what i said about "knowing the game", you can't. Unless you use a guide. If you don't use a guide then you won't find the good items, know what items even do, know where to go, what to do, basically everything. It's so tedious when you go into the game blind that i don't see how people can bother.

And the atmosphere is just boring. It's the same issue Bloodborne has, where you start up the game and get really freaked out by this creepy atmosphere, and then 1 hour later you don't care anymore because that's all the atmosphere the game has. If your game is constantly creepy, then after a while it's not creepy anymore since it just becomes normal because there is nothing else.

Other small issues i have with the game is that some corridors are slanted but your character can only go up, down, left or right so it makes traversing them hella tedious. The Hunger bare is just annoying and not implemented well. And sound design for sound effects isn't very good.

But i don't know, maybe Fear & Hunger isn't my cup of tea, and it just caters to some specific, sadist audience.