Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

released on Dec 09, 2022

F&H 2: Termina is oppressive, relentless and hopeless. A mix of jRPG and Survival Horror. Turn-based combat meets resource management. 3 days to explore the wicked town of Prehevil and find out about its dark secrets. 3 days until the pale and sickly green moon rises at its apex. Termina is upon us!

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тут и гаварить нечего игра ахренет BEST. чёто тут хуже чёто лучше. первая часть канешна харткор и болие страшная но тут зато эксплоренг и повествовалка круче
не совсем панравилась что некотарые сюжетные линеи абрываются на серидине, но я четал дескорд разрапа он сказал будет кантент патч как собствена был для первай. Ждём. Игра мего супер так держать разраб !

this game gave me severe ptsd from sewers

i regret to inform all decent people of the world that this game is astonishingly good

i couldnt bring myself to sacrifice black kalev

This review contains spoilers

its insane how much improvement there already is... the presentation, art, music, new gameplay mechanics and stuff to manage like addiction and withdrawals... very very cool stuff. even the font for days / chapters is just so stunning. tons of new enemy designs, new skills etc. i laughed when i started o'saa's intro and realized you could play funger1 again just as a text adventure. amazing stuff
unfortunately this game is way too much for my adhd... after about 7 hours of playing i only barely managed to enter the city and explore it a bit, which is maybe 5% of the entire game. i dont think i can reasonably beat it, even if i were to cheat and save edit/install a mod to give infinite saves, it would take more time and effort than i can spend so ill take my L. but i enjoyed my time with it: managed to successfully recruit 4 oomfs, found and tried using 4 skin bibles - realizing vinushka's could help me climb on vertically higher levels was so fun, saw all kinds of enemies and stuff in the city... most satisfying moment was getting the eagle key and returning to tunnel 7, running into needles and thinking that this run is probably doomed again bc i died to him last time, only for abella to successfully wrench toss into his head so he died. genuinely just had a laugh of relief. but these hard-won moments were just too rare between either getting beaten to death or poisoned to death or infected to death vs aimless walking as i tried to figure out what to do next
i think my big issue is that saving moves time forward. im never particularly good with time limit / time management games, and it frustrates me a lot more than rng / crow mauler of funger1... ofc its by design but its definitely not for me. im aware it can be circumvented by god of fear and hunger's sigil or getting lucky enough to get a book of enlightenment, but thats still at most 3 time-unaffecting saves if you either built for getting the skin bible or were lucky to find it. i think it would have worked if the game had the same amount of content as funger1 but it feels a lot more sprawling with all the locations and characters and events that i just get insane FOMO and spend all my time thoroughly Not having fun. so i give up </3
excited to watch a playthrough though, funger1 was like a treasure trove and this game definitely has like 200x the content so :D

As of 05/07/2023, I got B Ending as Daan.
As of 05/09/2023, I got A Ending as Marina.
As of 05/26/2023, I got C Ending as O'saa.
As someone who thoroughly enjoyed the first Fear and Hunger, I am a massive fan of this game. While it reels back the darker aspects of the last game, they remain relevant in some areas and also brings some new themes and ideas to the table.
Fear and Hunger was already pretty difficult and Termina doubles down on the difficulty with having a limited amount of saves, not counting items such as the Book of Enlightenment, you're limited to only 8 saves, and even with these saves you would be severely hindering yourself using these sparingly. Meaning that losing progress is likely if you want to make the most out of your saves but you end up dying. I can see this being a huge deterrence from playing the game which I think is valid, but for me personally I had a lot of fun being efficient with my saves and optimizing my routes for what I would do each day.
Overall the combat relatively stays the same from the first one, but the acquisition of skills in Termina improved a lot from Fear and Hunger 1 in the ways of getting skills. It is much easier to obtain a certain build you'd want to play with and is much less RNG reliant given you know what you're doing. While there is still no experience points in this title, collecting heads in order to get soul stones acts as a great alternative to it as it gives the feeling of customization and progression without needing to make bosses artificially harder and focus on strategizing more.
One aspect I enjoy a lot is the music, Fear and Hunger had more ambient or no music playing in the majority of the game, which had its own strengths, but I think the music added in Termina really enhanced the experience. The tracks were inspired by older Megami Tensei titles like the first Shin Megami Tensei 1 and it can definitely be felt with the tracks throughout.