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Like slamming your head against a brick wall in the best way possible.


Fear & Hunger 2: Termina feels a lot more melodramatic than the first Fear & Hunger, the characters seem more like real people instead of larger-than-life literary figures, which lends more nuance to what they all go through. The setting creates a more character-driven game while also putting more of an emphasis on the story of the world. Unlike F&H the story itself doesn't have a somewhat disjointed quality, It’s straightforward with its themes and still has a lot to chew through.

I was genuinely amazed that despite all the praise I've heard about Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, no one has mentioned how it successfully creates an open-world horror experience. While there are some locked doors, a significant aspect of the horror comes from the decision of where to go next at your own pace.

The main difference between the two games is the difficulty level. Fear & Hunger can be quite unforgiving, even on the easiest setting. A single unlucky coin toss can ruin an entire run. That's why I prefer the “Easy(er)” mode in F&H Termina, as it makes the game more accessible without the constant frustration.

F&H Termina is light years better than F&H but the original has a charm that no game can ever replicate. It's one of the most creative and coolest games I’ve experienced and I'm so glad I got into this series. It’s a must play RPG everyone should at least experience this game once.

Plus you don’t get raped in this game so trying it wouldn't hurt...

jogo bom da desgraça

The sequel to Fear & Hunger manages to be more accessible without losing what made the first game so special. It is a satisfying continuation of the themes and story of Fear & Hunger that takes place in a more modern setting with very interesting characters. I'm eagerly awaiting the expansions to the game that are coming in the updates.

a HUGE Improvement over fear & hunger, and a game i can really get behind. although it still lies in alot of that bullshit, it calms down alot on "crappy shock value for shock value" and ends up being just an amazing game with incredibly unique elements, i love rpg maker games so much, and this, this is one of them that really shines brightly in my heart