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Continua difícil, frustante e injusto, porém em doses muito melhores, com uma história pesada mas sabendo ter limites, sendo uma experiência fantástica que consegue até mesmo arrancar algumas lágrimas em certos momentos.

This game is just the best designed RPG ever, isn't it? No levelling up, no intrinsic growth, even your EXP bar is repurposed into a burden to manage (hunger). Death is a natural consequence of knowledge acquisition, but saves are part of a grand web of interconnected mechanics so deeply integrated into every facet of gameplay that you're always on top if you're sharp enough, but it's never quite enough to feel safe or satisfied. Sort of takes hints from the Foddy school of thinking in that the challenge is always, to an extent, “real”, and progress is a sort of “you know it when you’ve made it” kind of thing - always under threat of going south after a couple bad turns, however. Everybody else using RPGMaker should give up honestly, there's no more up from here

Otra vez un solo final y listo completado

Much like the first game but better because it's more balanced and has more cute girls

It's so fucking good once you get the feel for the start of the game and can get a run going just did my ending A run. knowledge is power baby

Me gusta un poco más el primero por tener una ambientación más medieval, pero mantiene toda la esencia del anterior y consigue separarse lo suficiente como para ser una historia completamente distinta en el mismo mundo pero en distinto momento. Creo que no es tan grotesco como la precuela pero tiene el factor de que se aproxima más a la actualidad y eso te puede hacer sentir incluso peor por la "cercanía" del entorno


yharnam joia

No other game series will ever achieve such visceral feelings of stress, fear and satisfaction as Fear and Hunger !!

Genuinely might be one of the greatest games of all time

im literally samarie if she was a latino manlet with a /v/ addiction. we are both deathly obsessed with my queen Marina-chan, and honestly if I was in Prehevil id be stalking Marina like samarie did idgaf, shes so based for that, staring at a girl that dont know you while she sleeps is one of the most romantic things someone could do. they are so married fr fr i have 27 gb of samarina fanart downloaded on my hard drive and i have a collage of them on my wall right next to my bed and every night i get cozy under the blanket i load up a new samarina yuri fic from AO3 just so i can fucking feel something for once

Really fucking great had way more fun with this than the first not gonna give it a score till im finished with other characters/endings and new content but its a special game

o'saa raises game score by an entire star

incredible game. somehow even better than the first, though the original has such a unique charm to it that it's hard to pick a favourite. combat is improved, moving through the overworld is improved, the plot has more depth and the map is incredibly detailed and interconnected. the "secret" ending subtly guides you toward it well enough if you're paying attention that it's entirely possible to do it on your first blind playthrough (which i did). the characters are well written and fun to interact with and the puzzles are significantly better than the first game. there's like a thousand ways to make your way through Prehevil. masterpiece of a survival horror game. Miro doesnt miss

génial mais super dur zebi j'ai tjrs pas fini le jeu je suis trop nul

Inglaterra está mais assustadora que nunca

Doesn't feel as distinct as the original game. It feels more neutered, more casual, more fangless. It doesn't have the same terrifying edge of the first game. It feels like a lot of other RPG maker games, albeit, with a more ambitious scope. The enemies aren't as creatively designed, the atmosphere is nowhere close to the original, the narrative feels really messy, the characters are more typical, the lore isn't as interesting, etc.

If the first game was reminiscent of Silent Hill, this one is more like Resident Evil. It's disappointingly more typical of RPG Maker games, and lacks the originality and soul of the first game. This game feels like it was made to appeal to a wider audience and obviously it worked.

More like Anxious & Peckish.

The more I think about this game, the less I like it.

yeah this game is cool as fuck!!!!!! my main complaint with this game is that its just so much easier than the first one, which loses so much of what made the first game special. There's like 1 or 2 actually dangerous enemies, all the bosses are easy as hell, its way more lenient with handing out healing and powerful gear. if you have 2 extra party members, most the fights are really simple and its often easier to just spam the torso and ignore the body part destruction mechanic that makes the combat interesting. There is a gameplay mode which makes the game harder, but i think it goes way too far in that direction, you are almost forced into the same dominant strategies and it can feel like a grind. the first game had 3 difficulty options, and this one is missing that middle option. i really like this game though, the atmosphere, setting and lore are all great just like the first game. the characters in this game are much better developed than the first game, and it handles sensitive topics with much more nuance than the first game does. alot of people reccomend this game as a starting point over the first game, which i can understand as its alot less brutal and more of a traditional rpg. i personally think this game is elevated alot if you played the first game before it, especially some of the endgame content. overall i think this game improved on the first game in some aspects, but making it easier was a mistake in my opinion. cant wait for the new update to come out with the new difficulty option which might just fix my main problem with this game!

adoro esse jogo mas puta que pariu... provavelmente nunca vou terminar.

If you played the first one you’re cool. Now stop before making another mistake

Tried it several times but I really failed to get into it as much as I did with the first one. If I had to guess it's probably due to the mishmash of influences being a lot more prevalent here and the overall ambition of having so many playable characters outlasting each other feels like it's trying too many things at once.

amazing game i love it, might be a new all time favourite after new content drops

Can't give it a perfect right now, as it's not even considered finished by the developer yet, but honestly, it's a hell of a lot closer than I expected. Everything feels like Miro has become something of an indie master at this point. While there are still plenty of derivative elements from media they love here, it feels even more uniquely its own thing than the first, with quite a bit less than expected that I can describe as "just X character/thing from Y", for a game with this title with The Funny Moon right on the cover. The thematic lore/broad plot writing is just as solid as it was in the first game, and while it's even more cryptic than the first game, it's so brilliantly blended together with the gameplay and setting design this time that I'm honestly in awe.
That blending of gameplay, thematic storytelling, and map design is one of two elements that really makes this game so fantastic. I honestly can't imagine a battle royale game that does this better- the first time I killed a character (O'saa, who I accidentally aggro'd but I was sure would have been recruitable anyway later) that wasn't mutated, I felt intense remorse, but because of how sparse saves are and how tight the time limit feels, I couldn't bring myself to reset and lose over an hour of progress. So I pressed on, and became FAR stronger thanks to the benefits killing him gave me, this incident probably leading to my success. Despite being pretty strictly scripted, on a blind run (and the next couple after that), many elements of the game feel emergent- I knew August would show up after fighting Moonless on a second run, for example, but it still surprised me, because I thought he was off elsewhere. This psuedo-emergent design and matching map building feels perfectly tied to the feeling of desperation for community and belonging that the game winds up largely being about- a belonging that, as the transition from night 2 to day 3 surprised and devastated me with, can be shattered in a moment thanks to circumstances beyond our control.
A game about community and the desperate modern urge for belonging would mean absolutely nothing, though, if not for fantastic character writing, and holy shit this game has that. None of the characters are done being developed yet, says the developer, who is currently adding details to all of their backgrounds- and I can't fucking wait for more. Even with what we have right now, these characters feel alive, so much so that an unexpected kidnapping on morning 3 left me sitting dead-eyed for ten minutes, trying to decide what the hell to do.
This is a god-awful ramble, but I just adore this game. Everything works together so perfectly, building on everything (mechanically, thematically, and literally) that the first game created, and it ends up being one of my favorite RPGs in years.
One of the only criticisms I'll give it is that the changed setting and different themes makes the sexual horror of the game feel less justifiable than in the first. There's one fight in particular- a priest- where the sexual element feels entirely gratuitous, unexpected in a way that made my eyes roll in annoyance, something neither game had ever made me do before. It's the only instance of implied sexual abuse of children, and it feels entirely unjustified and without any relevance. It's the only time in either game I felt like something was there just for the shock factor, and it's a shame, because it comes at the end of a very solid, atmospheric level. The game is still fantastic, but god, Miro's amateur-ness still does poke through sometimes, doesn't it? I admire that about their work, but almost every other time in the series, it at least still reads as thematically justified and horrific in ways that the game has built up to.
Game's great, though, and I can't wait for update 2.0.