released on Mar 29, 2024


released on Mar 29, 2024

Find out what unlikely events take place in this alternate history region of Slovak Highlands. This land is ravaged by Hussite pillagers and Ottoman spies while surreal horrors dwell in the dark. It's now up to Pavol, a fair knight with alcohol problems, to gather a party and stop those who oppose our kingdom.

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"Let my ass be pure. I maintain that so long as one does no harm, God views the curtailment of one's freedom as the gravest offense. True kindness must spring forth from the free will, for all else is but a façade. Doth my pursuit of women offend the divine? Nay, for did not He fashion those very behinds?"

welcome back agni
absolutely one of the most unique and fun games ive played of recent, the only thing keeping it from being a 5/5 is how short it is and how weak the final boss was.

Awesome game. Took me 10 hours because I was voice acting every dialogue, would take me 5 hours if I didn't. Was very fun reading character interactions with each other, humor is on point. Made me laugh a lot, and character, environment designs were great.
Story got me interested, and didn't dissapoint. Wasn't a fan of the gameplay at first, but it became better as my party grew stronger. Really liked the music as well.
Overall good and short experience, glad that I checked it out.

a very interesting story, tainted with very fitting humor in a historically relevant (i assume accurate too) medieval slovakia.

i personally don't like turn-based combat and in felvidek it's made in a way that's not tedious. there is no xp, so it eliminates having to grind and instead scales based on the equipement your party has.

the art style is mad unique although somewhat reminescent of games like papers, please in the limited color palette and the way the characters are shaded, but brozef definitely made it their own thing, it's one of the main strengths that this project has going on. the music is also very enjoyable leaning a lot on heavy hitting drums, mellow guitars and analogue synths that play a lot with textures.

as a one man project i can't recommend this game enough. it's also the very first slovakian game i've ever played!

Short, (bitter)sweet, and created with a lot of passion. Thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. Very clever use of RPG Maker to create very pretty visuals and animations, the first person ones especially. Loved the characters and their personalities.

Felvidek is a short, roughly 5 hour story about an alcoholic Slovakian knight. I personally am not good with history at all, so in regards to that, I didnt know or care much about it.
What drew me into this game was it’s unique (or, unique at this day and age) art style. While that definitely is one of its strong suits, what really made me love this game was the silly dialogue and actions mixed with the sort of surreal enemies and overall story. The silly dialogue could be a turn off for some people, but I thought it had its place, and didnt overstep its boundaries, keeping the tone of the story consistent all throughout. A lot of the characters were also fun to interact with too.

The story itself I thought was good, around a 7. Nothing crazy, but nothing like I have played before really, and I was pretty invested.

Overall, a great short game, probably the best game I’ve played under ~10 hrs. Will be memorable, and is definitely worth the price.