Fester's Quest

released on Oct 01, 1989

It's just a kidnapping. Of an entire day. By an alien UFO! Will Fester sit still for this? The quest begins. For starters, take on slime replicators, skeeters, globules and giant scorpions. Your health is at stake, not to mention your life! Will you whip the Alien Bosses or will they whip you? Lucky for you, this is a family affair. And what a family! Find your way to Thing and help is right at hand. In trouble? Just ring for Lurch. He'll give those aliens trouble with a capital "L". The fate of the whole city is in your hands, and we've saved the worst for last!

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With a guide (U Can Beat Video Games' video guide!) I really had fun with this. It's really funny having all the Addams Familys give you TNT when you find them.

the only nes game i own, genuinely unfair

This is the greatest videogame since 198weiner

as I played, I felt myself become the angry video game nerd

Fester’s Quest is considered to be up there as one of the worse games the NES has to offer, with it’s god awful controls to it’s amazing “Where the fuck do I go” level design, and it’s ever ending amount of enemies that will drain your heath in less then 2 hits. Now don’t get me wrong this is 100% a BAD GAME, but compared to other NES games I’ve played in the past this is far from the worst thing ever; and this game doesn't even come close to the likes of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or TMNT. All and all it’s more so a basic NES game with pretty linear levels you can’t even get lost in, and some stupidly cryptic game mechanics that’d you only know about if you had Nintendo Power or (like me) you cheated and looked it up online. Yes the game is hard as fuck; enemies will never stop responing and your starting gun goes in a weird arch so it’s you have to line yourself in a weird way just to hit them. (Yes Fester has a gun in this game, don’t fuck with Uncle Fester) The enemies will never stop responding if your standing still in an area so you need to be constealy moving and shooting, but since when you shoot the gun it only shoots 1 bullet at a time you need to be constantly pressing it over and over again then entire game if you don’t wanna die in less then 2 hits, and for the long of god don’t die; because if you do you go all the way back to the start of the game. The bosses are pretty easy once you get their patterns down but other than them the game feels so artificially difficult the whole game just feels like a chore. Although seeing Uncle Fester fight off aliens with a gun and whip is probably worth dealing with the hassle alone because that shit is really funny.