Halo Infinite: Season 1 - Heroes of Reach

released on Nov 15, 2021

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A solid foundation, with the most mechanically sound Halo of all time. Needs way more content in the way of maps, forge, custom game features, QoL, customization, playlists and game modes. Launched with excessively greedy monetization, although no MTX gave competitive edges. This has the potential to be my favorite MP game of all time, but much work needs to be done.

343 a nova ubisoft dos jogos multiplayer

Pain? Suffering even? The gameplay is very good and I'm the good olé hopium train

O início da temporada estava realmente ruim, não tinha conteúdo suficiente, mas no decorrer do tempo conseguiram acrescentar algumas coisas.

Pra mim o maior problema dessa temporada são a progressão, que continua muito lenta, e a demora para encontrar partidas, às vezes leva mais de 15min pra conseguir entrar em uma partida, torturante.

Absolute GARBAGE - an embarrassment to one of the pinnacles of video gaming and an utter failure in every conceivable way. They couldn't even get the graphics to look that impressive. What's more the DISGUSTING in-game economy and disgraceful management from the joke that is 343i leave this a game no one should support.