Hand of Doom

released on May 16, 2023

Sign a contract in blood! Travel throughout the planes of existence slaying or befriending powerful doomlords in this wizard simulator inspired by the FMV games and dungeon crawlers of the early 90's. Learn powerful spells to solve puzzles and combat the dark forces amassing against you.

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This game has an extremely fascinating style, but feels kinda boring, clunky and not really rewarding to play. The technical side leaves a lot to be desired, esp the map and the quest system. Didn't find the humor to be completely my thing either.
I didn't get too far into the game, got really bored while navigating dark mazes and healing druid trees. I got the taste of its aesthetic, but playing this game further would feel like a real slog.
In the end, I was impressed by its style a bit more than bored/annoyed over its overall undercookedness. Maybe I will finish it some time.

Enjoyed it a lot, wish I could give it a higher rating but my experience was a bit held back by some bugs

was pretty excited for this but im just not having any fun with it. very tedious. i like the visual style but it suffers by acting like the whole thing is a big joke, and most of the humor is not funny. i would enjoy it more if it took itself a bit more seriously