I own 4 copies of Lego Island.
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Yeah I had quite a bit of fun, probably the most I've had with Mario. However, the ultimate final badge challenge must have been made by a devil they have locked in the bowels of Nintendo HQ. The endless malicious evil of that man, 1.) made the invisibility badge, and 2.) had that part of the level where you are forced to use said badge not have a check point. The endless reserves of my malding energy is unbound thanks to this shit.

This game has great visuals, and the music that (usually) accompanied it combined for a great Experience™, but the Marble physics completely detracted me out the game so much as to not feel good anymore.
The first two levels are great showcases into the beauty this can show, then the third level rears its head and shows you this will be long and frustrating. I just decided I was gonna be extremely pissed at how this ball controls for the entire game and stopped playing. It asks for precise platforming on a momentum based ball that feels bad. (Also the music cut out and it was completely silent, idk if that was intentional or not but the lack of the music was also pissing me off).
I don't even particularly hate the ball being a hostile entity to control because it leans more into the alien (much like the UI being almost non-readable); it all fits into a vibe. But, it's just too much for me to bear.

Prodeus is a fun Doomer shooter that I think feels like a mixture of classic DOOM and NuDOOM. There are like 15 weapons, and I cycled between most of them regularly. There is a 3D map that shows the whole level (gotta get the auto map for the level first) and thats really cool, but I do find it very overwhelming to look at so I didnt. I think the main complaint I have is that for like 50% of the game (the beginning half), the maps are mostly same-y and only does the later half switch it up. Also you don't get another punch/melee weapon. The weapon chart makes it seem like you could get one, but thats probably so it looks uniform, disappointed me.
The game also has a built in map editor and community section so you can just play community maps and its very simple to do so thats neat. The tag searching functionality sucks though.