I own 4 copies of Lego Island.
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Mar 13

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Played Co-op. Think I need rails, and homing attacks, and bouncing, and light dash and all the cool shit.

trying to come up with the most awesomed up review to get all the Mario fans loved off at me
"Uh Mario is cool and a my friend!"

the crowd flies into happiness as I'm drowned in my own love, but the opponent Mario haters quietly nod their heads in disapproval

Started this wayyyy back in Early Access and play a shit ton it before it released. I played a little after that then pretty much stopped cause I had like 90 hours and and was tired. Never played any DLC and finally continued with the Castlevania DLC. Sat down and "beat it", doing all the 5 boss cells and final boss. I did use assist mode however because I like my roguelikes to be baby mode and I was not gonna waste time on uncompleted runs.
Definitely the Rogue-Like i've put the second most time into, Isaac/remake being the number 1. While Isaac is a classic, I definitely enjoy this way more. It feels fucking awesome when you get in the zone and start zooming annihilating enemies and getting parries. Lots of weapon variety.