Night in the Woods: Longest Night

released on Dec 21, 2013

A standalone expansion of Night in the Woods

Gather round the campfire and trace the constellations in Longest Night!
The first "supplemental" prequel to Night in the Woods.

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It's a very short prequel made for Night in the Woods. Longest Night is about Mae and her close friends, Gregg, Angus, and Bea, sitting around a campfire and searching for constellations in the night sky. The gameplay is simply the player connecting dots in the sky to form constellations. After the player finds a constellation, the four friends will discuss its origins and bring up old memories. The game is mainly about the mythologies in Night in the Woods and the friendship between the four characters. Overall, because it's less than twenty minutes long and a prequel, I believe that fans of Night in the Woods should play Longest Night to gain additional knowledge about the characters and mythologies in the game.

the gang are watching the stars and commenting them THATS FUCKING IT
now being a person who's favourite side character of the game was the astrologer and his telescope and hearing the fucking dumb stories about each and every constellation i was convinced as soon as I saw this was gonna be a predecessor of that that I was gonna enjoy every last bit of this and in fact I liked this
this is a proto NITW game from 2013 which means that the character actually got some major adjustments so they do feel slightly weird here but if I don't see them side to side I won't be able to tell you what's the different stuff
umh I guess thats it nice 10 minutes of my life

Nice little narrative that fleshes out the mythology of the world.

A charming 15 minutes that serves as a nice little proof of concept for one of my favorite games, Night in The Woods. Really cool to see some of the original ideas that the team had 4 years before the full game released. Definitely worth checking out for any NITW fan.

Bea is fucking bald lmao stupid ass turtle.