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Mar 07

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Mar 04

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A strange and (if youre being honest with yourself) clearly ill-advised version of Dragons Dogma, trading in the gritty D&D influence for a more safe, familiar Tolkien-esque Final Fantasy approach. If you focus on the monster hunting and dungeoning and squint your eyes while youre playing, you could maybe feel like youre playing Dragons Dogma - except you CANT cuz its DEAD now lmao 👼RIP👼

Dragons Dogma is at its absolute best when its behaving like a classic dungeon crawler, and Dark Arisen exhibits this in spades. Deep in the bowels of Bitterblack Isle, the game takes on a gritty, heavily D&D inspired, slightly Monster Hunter-esque dynamic where youre getting stomped by some of the most grueling creatures the game has to offer. Boldly oppressive, distilling Dragons Dogma to its strongest elements.

For me, the thing that made Dragons Dogma special was how raw it was. In a world of incredibly user-friendly high fantasy narratives and safe, padded RPG systems, this extremely unorthodox approach to design and Capcoms weird lil brand of combat behavior made for a surprisingly engaging experience (even when it kind of sucked). Something sort of accidentally brilliant, a diamond in the rough.