Marvel's Midnight Suns: The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

Marvel's Midnight Suns: The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

released on Jan 26, 2023

Marvel's Midnight Suns: The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

released on Jan 26, 2023

Deadpool, everyone's favorite merc with a mouth, teams up with the Midnight Suns to tear evil a new one! Add Deadpool to your roster and take on a fresh set of story missions featuring undead enemies and plenty of fourth-wall-shattering asides.

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Cortito y sencillito en cuanto a trama, pero el contenido que introduce es bastante bueno.

Deadpool es divertidísimo de controlar, un DPS muy sólido que puede hacer auténticas barbaridades si consigues mejorarlo lo suficiente en combate. Es apropiadamente cargante en sus conversaciones y refleja muy bien todas las facetas del personaje, desde romper la cuarta pared hasta un autodesprecio muy evidente que cubre con humor y falsa arrogancia.

Los enemigos nuevos son bienvenidos y añaden más variedad al conjunto global. Las mecánicas nuevas te pueden hacer replantearte estrategias y eso siempre está bien. La nueva mejora de la Abadía y los nuevos objetos de combate también sirven para darle más profundidad a todo.

Un buen primer pack que, si bien no me ha maravillado en lo narrativo, compensa con creces en lo jugable.


Short and simple in terms of plot, but the new stuff it adds is pretty good.

Deadpool is super fun to play as, a very solid DPS that can turn into an absolute beast if you manage to upgrade him enough in combat. He's appropriately obnoxious in his dialogue and reflects every different layer of the character really well, from breaking the fourth wall to a very obvious self-loathing that he disguises with comedy and fake arrogance.

The new enemies are welcome and add more variety to the whole. The new mechanics can make you rethink strategies and that's always a good thing. The new Abbey upgrade and the new combat items also add more depth.

A good first pack that, although it didn't wow me in terms of narrative, it makes up for it gameplay-wise.

This DLC solves almost all the problems I have with the base game. It honestly shocked me how much better this works, especially considering how focused it is on the most purposely trite and annoying character in the Marvel Universe.
This is short, just consisting of a few missions, but it adds in a new enemy type, some new arenas, and Deadpool as a playable character.

Deadpool is written like a snarky jackass (just like everyone else in the game), but it works so much better in this context partly because that is who Deadpool is anyway and because Nolan North absolutely kills it as the voice.
Additionally, because everyone in Marvel knows Deadpool is annoying, they react to him believably, treating him like the fool he is. Blade's exasperation and Captain Marvel's begrudging acceptance but willingness to help out bring more to those characters than almost anything else in the main game. Even The Hunter's reaction of being completely down to hang out with Deadpool despite how obviously awful he is works as a much needed comedic beat at the Hunter's expense.
It throws into contrast how unbelievably everyone responds to everyone else in the game, who have similar levels of one note, insufferable character traits, but elicit no realistic reactions from the rest of the cast. Why would anyone ever even talk to the Tony Stark or Magik in this game?

Deadpool somehow looks better and is better animated than anyone else in the game. I don't understand this at all. It can't just be the facial modeling/animation budget, can it?

The structure of this DLC is how the whole game should have been. Deadpool arrives with a problem and you help him out with it over the course of a couple of missions by using whatever heroes you want. It wraps up with a cliffhanger and Deadpool hangs around to help in other missions.
All the interactions are centered on him, so other characters can just be themselves, rather than justifying how important they are in every single scene and line.
The relationship building makes more sense because there is no time pressure, it is just something you are doing mostly after you help him solve his vampire problem.

If the rest of the DLC is like this, I am definitely looking forward to it. Hopefully it does well enough that they can turn this into a platform for this kind of storytelling and leave the Midnight Suns as a vestigial part you can ignore and still get a whole experience.

It's very short (three missions) but at least Nolan North is having fun.

Inicia um novo arco de história que pode ser jogado desde o começo do jogo (após a missão do Homem-Aranha). O arco provavelmente será continuado ao longo do Season Pass.

Deadpool tem uma dublagem incrível, humor típico e as cartas refletem o personagem apesar de até agora não ter achado elas excelentes.

Adiciona 1 Personagem (10 cartas) + 3 Missões de história + 3 tipos de inimigos (que aparecem em missões gerais específicas) + 3 Upgrades na Abadia + 2 Skins Pagas para o personagem.

Recomendo principalmente pra quem vai rejogar / jogar pela primeira vez, pois adiciona mais variedade de missões gerais ao longo da campanha.

Solid DLC

noting special but still fun

I like how they've handled Deadpool's character.

some new enemy varieties, start of a new story.

just more Midnight Suns goodness.