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Okay... look.
I know when I played the original game I gave it a 3 and a half.
Saying it wasn't really anything special and the gameplay sucked and whatever.
And I don't know if it's the improved graphics, or implementing a lot of gameplay elements from part 2 or just the fact that since playing Part 2 and watching the show I have grown a much deeper appreciation for the world of TLOU... it's probably all of the above but damn I loved this.
I feel like the Danny Devito meme of "I get it"
again I think it's just adding most of the improvements from Part 2 and the fact I have now become slightly obsessed with this franchise in recent months. But yeah this is great from start to finish.
HOWEVER, I do still think Part 2 is better. Which I know invalidates this review for a lot of people but fuck you. I will forever be a Part 2 dickridaaaaaaaa

another pretty solid DLC
Venom is a dope character with a cool moveset and awesome cosmetics.
His little story was also pretty decent, although I think I preferred Deadpool's. But that's mostly down to personal preference.
hope they keep up with the good work.
I love this game.

This pretty good.
it does have a single-player campaign which is pretty neat, seeing different cute little kaiju stories unfold.
but let's face it, you're here for the multiplayer, which is pretty fun.
Aside from the usual versus there are loads of little mini-game modes that are quite fun.
the game doesn't have the biggest roster of characters but I do like every one of them, especially after the Godzilla dlc.
definitely a fun couch co-op game to play that you'll especially enjoy if you're both little Kaiju nerds