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For the longest time I really could not get into this game, that first chapter is really something I struggled with, but finally after all these years I sat down and forced myself through it and my god am I glad I did.

Obviously everyone has already praised this game to death and upon final completion, yeah I can definitely see why.

Once the story starts going, it really starts going with an interwoven plot that stretches the American West beautifully with loveable characters you really grow attached too, to the stunning scenery everywhere you look, to even the silly little side characters you meet once and never again.

No matter where you go or what you do there's almost always something waiting for you around the corner to get invested in.

Of course we can't talk about the story without our main man Arthur Morgan. There have been a million different reviews and video essays explaining why Arthur is one of gamings greatest protagonists so I won't really go too deep into it but what I will say is this: I think Arthur Morgan is a good man, and watching his arc unfold before my very eyes made me understand completely why people fell in love with him. I found myself missing him immediately during the epilogue, which I'll come back too.

Gameplay wise, I think Rockstar have almost perfected their formula. The gunplay is easily the best from any of their games. I love the fact that your character actually has to be maintained, eat food, rest, groom themselves with hair actually growing all the time, it really adds to the authenticity and role playing of it all that I just adored. And as said the world is so full of life that traversal doesn't feel anywhere near as monotonous as other rockstar entries. I do wish there were more overall customisations for Arthur though, especially when in the online mode there's so much more to offer but alas :/

I think my only complaints with this game are the beginning and the end, which I know sounds bad but stick with me.

I think if I go back to replay this game, which I see myself doing very shortly because the choices you make actually effect events which is awesome and adds even more replay value..

Ahem anyways, I think upon a replay the first chapter is probably gonna go down easier knowing what's to come but as mentioned I did find it a bit of a struggle to get through.

And the ending. I loved Arthur's ending, it's absolutely beautiful. But the epilogue? Ehhhh I'm mixed on it.

I think it could've worked better if it was cut in half. The first half of it feels like the opening to another game with more tutorials for some reason and then the second half just feels pointless for most of it with John just doing random side quests with Sadie. Honestly the entire thing just felt like they had a "oh shit we've still got some loose ends to tie up before we connect it to the first game".

The epilogue does have some nice moments, I loved building the house of course and John and Abigail getting engaged was adorable. But I didn't really find the ending ending anywhere near as satisfying as the Arthur ending.

I think maybe if they just did more of a montage-esque thing with just quick snippet missions of the ranch and finding uncle and Charles and then building the house and happy ever after instead of expanding it to another 2-3 hours.

Besides that however, yes I can absolutely see why people adore this game and I'm annoyed at myself for not getting around to it sooner.

There were a few moments in the story where I found myself questioning characters decision making but those were few and far between in an otherwise beautifully told narrative with amazing characters, an amazing world and gameplay that, once you're finally set free from the clutches of the mountain had me doing all sorts of things in this gorgeous western sandbox.

I'd definitely recommend this to, honestly pretty much everyone, whether you're a story buff or a sandbox buff.

In the words of IGN "a little something for everyone"

Because that's a great source to be quoting.

This game was done so dirty by Avengers. Thanks to that dumpster fire everyone just overlooked this and it's such a sad thing because this game is incredible.

The story is beautifully written even winning the best narrative award at the game awards. All the characterisation is on point with some beautiful character moments throughout. The gameplay is really polished, fast paced and chaotic and honestly never tiring even when going back through areas for the platinum trophy (the "Huddle Up" mechanic making fights all that more fun)

Every level is gorgeously designed with them always rewarding your curiosity heavily and honestly for this entire game you can tell that nothing but love and care was poured into it.

Also this is one of the few comic book games where I stuck with the base costumes for most of it because they just absolutely nailed the character designs and I couldn't get enough of it.

This entire game just takes everything about the Guardians from the movies and comics and shows and mixes it into probably my favourite version of these characters.

If you haven't already please give this a try, you'd be doing yourself a favour.

Decided to replay this because I was bored and thought hey, maybe the story wasn't that bad and I just need to give it another shot.

Nah this story fucking sucks dude, I cannot get with it at all, also the cutscene presentation is just awful with a lot of pop-in and blurry backgrounds. Everything about this game is genuinely great, except the main story and how it's presented 💀