Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

released on Nov 12, 2020

A standalone expansion of Marvel's Spider-Man

The latest adventure in the Spider-Man universe will build on and expand ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ through an all-new story. Players will experience the rise of Miles Morales as he masters new powers to become his own Spider-Man.

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Very polished graphics and physics, fine-tuned and interesting battle and traversal mechanics. This I think is exactly what you expect from a top-notch triple-A title. The plot at times felt a bit too simplistic and close to naive, but it had a sort of cute family-friendly charm to it as well. The map feels a bit underutilized, and I think a lot more side missions could have been added. But overall, a solid 4/5 for pretty much the experience you expect from the Marvel's Spider-Man lore.

This game is very polished and a solid good time. It runs great out the box on Steam Deck, and I think playing on a handheld gave it a comfy vibe for me that really sold it. If you played the previous game, you're sure to enjoy this because it's mostly more of the same.
Personally, I think these Insomniac Spider-Man games are holding themselves back by being so similar to Batman Arkham. Swinging around New York is the main appeal, but it's only something the player does in-between furious action and stealth takedowns. All I really want are more mid-air boss fights (like The Vulture in this game), and some races or "swing through ring" type challenges in the open world.
Here's hoping the PS5 sequel has more web-swinging centric missions...

Really nice vibes and just an overall proper "sequel" to Spider-Man 2018.

coulda maybe been DLC but i really enjoyed it

O Jogo é muito bom. Ele é igual o primeiro, porém é melhor na maioria dos aspectos. Só não é 5 estrelas pois tem apenas 7 horas de duração na história, então fica com um gosto de poderia entregar mais. Porém, o jogo é excelente.

played on hard
Gameplay is really fun and a big step up from the first. Venom powers are so good and though they feel op at first, when they start introducing new enemies you definitely need venom attacks to keep up. I really like how venom works in web swinging too. In the previous game while swinging you could press square and move the joystick to perform tricks in the air to get a bit of xp and look cool but they were pretty limited in terms of animation. In this one there are a ton of tricks and doing them fills up your venom bars too which can then be used to either leap forward or jump high while swinging. Its a very fun gameplay loop and combined with Miles' unique swinging animations which are a lot more fluid its just really cool
Story is good but it definitely needed to be longer because certain things with the villain and Miles' relationship aren't as good as they could be
Music has more variety than the first game and is generally better, its not purely epic orchestral music whic is nice. Won't Give Up is a highlight
The Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man app has a lot of nice side quests featuring Miles getting to know people around the area he's just moved into but I don't really like how it makes it seem like Miles is the only Spider-Man looking out for the little guy.
Conclusion, pretty good game. If you haven't played this or the previous game and own a PS5 the deluxe edition of this game is a great bargain especially when on sale because it comes with this and Spider-Man remastered with all its dlc(not that they're good lol)