Mega Man X8

released on Dec 07, 2004

Mega Man X 8 adds more depth and variety to this classic gaming series. With Earth in ruins after Sigma's invasion, humanity builds a new kind of reploid to colonize the moon. Sigma has corrupted their DNA and made them turn on humans. You and your teammates head to the moon for outer-space adventure of epic proportions!

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I really don't like the shop system and feel like being able to find your upgrades in the stages would be way better. Most of the stages were a drag but at least a couple of them let you play. Navigators were good here and even had the option of turning them off.

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Um jogaço muito injustiçado!
Apesar dos gráficos em 3D não serem tão agradáveis, ele tem uma jogabilidade muito boa, uma boa história (cujo o vilão final não é o Sigma), bastante conteúdo, mecânicas interessantes e uma trilha sonora muito boa (padrão de MegaMan), e um ótimo New Game Plus, com muito conteúdo bacana, como a espada do Sigma, as skins e as navegadores jogáveis.
Honestamente ele é melhor que muitos jogos da série que o pessoal idólatra por nostalgia (tipo o X5...)

This would be lower if I didn't enjoy New Game+ as much as I do.

bruhnu i played this game 10 times and ambout to make it 11

Better than the travesty that was X7, but still doesn't quite reach the high points of the first four games. At there's there's no flame hyena in this one