Mega Man

released on Dec 17, 1987
by Capcom

Experience the game that started it all! Play as cybernetic hero Mega Man as you battle to stop the evil scientist Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters from taking over the world! A classic platformer in every sense of the word, Mega Man features timeless 8-bit graphics, a memorable soundtrack, and balanced but challenging gameplay that combine to create one of the most iconic video games of all time.

Mega Man, known as Rockman in Japan, is a 1987 action-platform video game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was directed by Akira Kitamura, with Nobuyuki Matsushima as lead programmer, and is the first game of the Mega Man franchise and the original video game series. Mega Man was produced by a small team specifically for the home console market, a first for Capcom, who previously focused on arcade titles.

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A game that I somewhat dislike and has lots of flaws, but, unfortunately, I can't pretend it wasn't the start of the game franchise I love the most.

Honestly many Megaman series fans hate on the original too much, while there are definitely questionable design choices in Mega Man 1, it's quite commendable how much was done right for this first entry and its weird differences from later mega man games (such as boss corridors containing enemies, not being able to slide, spikes being able to still kill you during iframes etc.) gives this game a unique kind of charm compared to other Mega man or Mega man-styled games.
also lmao at the US box art it's still a work of art for sure

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You know classic mega man is the shit when the worst one is a 7/10.
This one has its many flaws considering it's the first in the series, but it's really surprising how much this game got right immediately. The basic formula for the classic mega man games is already implemented very nicely here, with the many selectable stages, the bosses with their weaknesses, and the fun weapons to play with.
On that formula, I have to say the weaknesses for all the robot masters make sense here, which I'm pretty sure isn't the same in the following games. Although, some of the weapons you unlock are not very great, like Guts man's rock throwing which is way too situational to be useful, and Bomb Man's bombs which are too slow to blow for it to be very useful either (besides a couple of points in Willy 3 which I was able to use the bombs in). Besides those two, the rest of the weapons are very great and I found plenty of use for them throughout my playthrough, which is good because I generally stick with the basic mega-buster.
If there's any major complaint I have with this game, it's the controls. Mega Man controls mostly fine, but his movements are way too slippery and he drops like a rock. Mega Man's slipperiness can be kind of hard to immediately see, but you'll notice it immediately in Willy 2. I tried to collect some refills on very small lower ledges and ended up sliding off the edge at least twice as a result of Mega Man's controls.
Another small issue I have is that the magnet beam is a required item that you can miss. In order to get it you need to have Guts Man's ability going into Elec Man, and you need to throw away the blocks blocking the item. Ive played this game enough times to know it's there and that I need to get it, so it doesn't actually affect my playthroughs, but I just think having a required item be so missable is kind of bothersome when you can get to the parts that require it without even knowing it exists.
The rest of my issues with this title basically sum up to the other following games being so much higher quality, so I will not mention them here. Overall I find this game to be pretty great. It has its issues but I really can't be too hard on it when there's so much done right here. Very much worth playing.

Absolutamente malvado, con todo el afán de ofender

Pretty decent start to the series but held back by what feels like cheap difficulty curves. Probably would only play it again if I did another marathon of the series