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Ozonia is a 32 map megawad and third in the Moonblood trilogy. It's heavily inspired by Plutonia, but it has its own flavor to create a refreshing and unique classic Doom experience! Eviternity, Ancient Aliens, BTSX series and Monti's work are also other big influences.

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Pretty fun megawad, with a really unique visual style for the 2nd and 3rd episodes. Makes very smart use of low monster counts most of the time, which leads to a different type of difficulty than most modern wads. Also enjoyed the unorthodox use of weapons, like allowing the basic shotgun some time to shine in the first episode, and heavy use of the rocket launcher. My main complaint is some of the later maps are easy to get lost, particularly the guest maps which I felt didn't do as good of a job with signposting keys/doors. The ending was also a bit anticlimactic. Favorite map was 16, Cidadela I.