Persona 3 FES

released on Apr 19, 2007

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES is an add-on disc for Persona 3 containing updates to the original game (referred in the game as "The Journey"), as well as a new epilogue story, The Answer, in which the player controls Aigis. The subtitle "Fes" is derived from the word "festival".

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and definitely my favorite persona game ive played so far (ive only played p5 and p1)
I didnt even mind not being able to control my party members until Yukari's dipshit UI self diarahan'd herself and then got Charmed and Mediarahan'd the final boss.
I think my biggest issue with this game is just that you can Really feel this was atlus' first outing with this new social stat and social link system in full throttle... so the result is a lot of the female character social links just have that palpable sense of "oh my gawd dude she's TOTALLY INTO U hurhur" energy from time to time, like i dont think there's a single fuckin girl in this game that Doesnt crush on minato/makoto/whichever tf u prefer in some way and its kind of annoying especially when its like a crux for character development or something... I also dislike THAT specific beach scene... you know the one ofc, but that beach arc honestly was good barring that one moment and thankfully doesnt dwell on it or even mention it past its moment :/
But all that aside this game totally feels like the Persona subseries' equivalent of Nocturne to me, a game thats lauded as hard as fuck by the general consensus but I dont feel the same way at all and think its challenge is rewarding to learn the ins and out of. There's only a handful of bosses in this game that really feel like "ok. i GOTTA train a little bit harder bc i dont have any means of asspulling my way through this" and to me that was Smooth Dancer and that one fucker table that knows Megido/Megidola for some reason & kept hitting me with Fear all the time.. fuck both of those guys LMFAO.
But the game is actually preeeeetty generorus with how much you can explore tartarus and im gonna come out and say it, i LOVED tartarus, I loved having a battle tower to get shit in and get everyone all rounded up in. It was actually really fun, especially with how there was loot chests and shit to find that had a fuckton of yen AND bum ass weapons that you can just sell for more yen
Why would u hate that
Well, i can kind of understand the perspective Why,
If you dont find the gameplay loop satisfying and are so sick of hearing mass destruction you wanna smash your head through the CRT(im lucky enough to have played this game physically on my ps2), then youre shit out of luck and you gotta buck-up and deal because you pretty much CANT low-ball this shit too hard otherwise youre absolutely shooting yourself in the foot when its time to throw hands.
And thats another thing, FUCK getting the ultimate persona for the main character in this game, im not talkin' about the finer details of it but you genuinely would need to sit there milking every single day for as much experience as the fatigue system will grant you to even reach that shit in your first playthrough...
I love this game but i wasnt about to do that bullshit LMFAO
So yeah all in all if you couldnt tell already from this long ass essay, i WAS H O O K E D, i loved the story even the bits i was spoiled about because nobody in this fanbase knows how to not ruin good storytelling.. actually.. NAH..i enjoyed it all because it was in the moment. Persona 3 to me is a beautiful video game about people dealing with loss and the grievances of everyday life, its more than just "the edgy one" its a masterfully crafted story about a group of people Definitely not liking who they are or being around each other that come to genuinely grow and face the ugliness of loss and lack thereof where something you feel should be whole, is broken. It's a game that offers not just that good ass smt extra turn gameplay but also really doubles into it's themes by having you take the brunt of nihilism with the will of knowing and experiencing that life is very fleeting and life can be unfair, it can be confusing and it can be cruel. And for as many things as it can be, amidst all that shit is the wonder of change and connection and growth that any human is capable of being
And THATS why it hits so hard.
So yeah Junpei and Aigis are the best characters
Yukari is mad overhated and is genuinely a good character
Uhhh fuck the guy who wrote Online Gamer MMO social link Rank 8
This game is also deadass easy even without being able to control my party members, i played on normal and i think im fully convinced now that the ppl tht say this simply played it as one of their first smt games or on hard mode and thats why its a fatherfucker to them
But yaaa, TRY IT! cya when persona 3 portable drops on xbox i guess so i can properly evaluate the changes from FES and Portable respectively >:D
btw the answer is cool bye

The story was a lot more interesting than every other Atlus game I've played. I think if a remake gave it a lot of quality of life improvements to make its gameplay match that of newer entries then it could be a solid half a star higher. Besides gameplay the only flaw I have to say is it surprisingly did not make me cry like 4 and 5 did.

I think this is my GOTY 2022 technically not the first time I went through P3 but it was the first time I went through FES and I REALLY enjoyed it. Like way more than any other game I played this year so I'm giving it my GOTY

If they remake this game then it will be infinitely superior and you should play it, otherwise it's pretty outdated and can drag on which is a shame, because the themes and story of the game are pretty compelling.

losigo jugando pero es UN HORRO EN PC cxdxx