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Tactics were a great idea honestly, I know that's controversial but yeah. Second half is one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had, first half is still amazing but a few eh moments. I recommend this to any teen.

This review contains spoilers

(Major spoilers for both The Journey and The Answer, and minor spoilers about changes in Portable and Reload)

After going through reload and femc in portable earlier this year I replayed just finished replaying the journey (the main story) in FES and the answer, this is still the best version hands down lol. With the anime cutscenes and the original in-game experience for cutscenes I think this game still has the best presentation for it's story, portables vn take is interesting but inferior and reload I just feel falls flat capturing the energy and tone of the original in it's cutscenes. Something I didn't realize until replaying the journey is that portable and reload share an altered script that's mostly minor dialogue changes, but they all end up adding up and feeling weirder in a lot of segments with some characters feeling like they act a little off in segments of the game or some parts just being flat out omitted. Some big examples, like Junpei opening up about his dad in the 12/10 scene where he lashes out is completely omitted from those scripts for some reason. After playing through all of them I think the original script is superior and it's kind of weird to me the portable one ended up becoming the "standard" one. There's bits and pieces of extra content in both of those versions I appreciate that add a little to the game but I think as a whole experience FES really trumps both of them, and I feel like those pieces only really work as a replayer. Also the soundtrack is still super goated, there's a few songs that get spammed to the point it's a little grating though, like the suspense theme that plays in any serious scene and cutscenes probably could have benefit from using those songs less. Also, a problem I think is present in every version in terms of the story is the game has odd pacing, and although you do get story stuff from the start it's very spread out and doesn't really pick up super crazy until you're pretty far in the game, I've always found it pretty hard to recommend playing in general as a result due to the start being kind of slow, but I still really like this game alot because the payoff in it's final arcs is honestly really still amazing, the game really picks up around October and alot of the main characters get super interesting arcs, Aigis is probably one of my favorite characters in the entire series and the stuff with Shinjiro/Ken is amazing still.

Most of the things about this game (primarily the AI party members) are not as annoying or hard to utilize as people often present them, and I honestly don't think the game is that hard (I've seen it called hard in a way that is often a complaint) having replayed it on hard mode although there is a decent challenge early on, I don't think it's anything super crazy to get through and the game is cheese-able in a solid amount of fights with the knockdown system. It's definitely more flawed than some of the games that come after it in a lot of it's systems with things like how social link reverses work and getting the skills you want on a Persona during fusion being rng but I think it's still a lot of fun in a way that feels really unique from other persona games, a lot of what gets perceived as flawed I feel like is just because it's different having played it.

And this is the part where I talk about The Answer. It's the first time I've ever completed it and it took me about 15 hours, I genuinely think it's a really underrated segment of the game after playing it. I don't think it's perfect and the start is pretty rocky with the setup for the situation feeling a bit janky at times, but I really like how it expands on the themes of the basegame and how it ends up exploring the characters reactions and feelings on the protagonists death, it ends up adding a lot of extra layer to them and although Ik the fact some of them (mainly Yukari) end up acting in a way that could be seen as irrational has been really hated or seen as out of character by people I think it builds into a really interesting conflict near the end with all of it feeling like a super real response of grief, it didn't feel like the cast moving backward to me but learning how to move forward, I feel like if it was written in a way where they were just completely OK after that ending it would make less sense. The resolution is super nice too and I'm glad I finally played it, I think it's a really overlooked segment of the game and I hope more people experience it with the upcoming reload version even if it's not like perfect. Metis ends up being a really cool character too IMO, basically being Shadow Aigis with a really cool design. I can see why people don't like it or overlook it, I think the basegame works on it's own but it was a super nice addition to the story for me and I think more people should give it a fair shake.

Gameplay wise it poses more of a challenge than the basegame and some fights require some good strategy, but I think the shorter length of the game and being handed special fusions pretty easily actually makes alot of it pretty simple to get through, IDK if it was just me but level-ups felt crazy fast too and I ended up just fusing Odin again into super cheese, only a few bosses really gave me trouble by the end and even then I didn't have to go back and grind to beat them, it just took a couple of tries. The final boss was also a pretty disappointing health sponge so IDK, I don't think it's quite as hard as people say but there are some good challenges in it.
Not sure what else to put here for now, I might revise this later since this is kind of just a lot of collected thoughts but I still think this is easily the definitive version of the game.

This is the version that I settled for, and I don't regret a single time Yukari didn't want to heal.

Life is precious and fleeting. So make the most of it and enjoy robot pussy while you can.

legal e bonito, mas tive que ir estudar e larguei(vou voltar)

This is my favourite game of all time. Almost everything about it is perfect. The atmosphere is dark and tense, the gameplay is at times brutal. The AI teammates are oft complained about, however once you learn the tactics system it becomes a really fun part of the game. On top of all this, the game has a beautiful story that is one of the few to genuinely make me cry.

One of my absolute favourite games ever. I love it so much. Makoto Yuki is one of my favourite protagonists and I will always love him.

unfortunately mogs all other personas by having the evoker method being the most kinomatic shit of all time

I can only really compare it to 4 at this point but it's so much more focused and handles its theming much better. some social links are pretty cringekino but another one made me cry . you win some you lose some

ultimately it's just a cool ass game - i wish tartaros was about 70% shorter but nevermind that, ill forgive you.

i then found out that "the answer" that everyone is talking about is approximately 70% more tartaros - i think this was a stupid decision made by an idiot. in fact it might have been the stupidest decision made in japan for all of the early 2000s. i put in about 2 hours before i decided its best played through on a youtube playlist. if i had decided to play it my rating likely would have dropped by at least a full star . thats okay . just dont play it unless youre really really dumb

simplesmente perfeito, sem palavras pra essa beldade

gameplay yuck story beautiful

Opus décisif de la franchise puisque c'est celui qui a modernisé la formule devenant un licence de plus en plus à part plutôt qu'un simple spin-off de SMT modernisant au passage son système de combat en apportant un système de fusion plus complet que ces grand frère P1&2 et en donnant plus de pertinence à des mécanique de gameplay déjà présent dans les deux premiers persona tel que le système de faiblesse. Étant le premier à proposé cette formule il peut faire un peu vieillot comparé à ses petits frères mais en terme d'écriture, du soins apportés aux traitements des thématiques et les symbolismes il reste à mon humble avis devant.

Story carries the shitty combat system. Also the answer isn't all that, it's just...meh. They could've done better.

Playing with AI party members feels like when you're the only person actually doing any work on the group project

One of the greatest JRPG's of all time.

beginning of modern day atlus, solid package but kinda got a bit bored partway through. didnt wanna finish the answer.

Bello, non fosse così difficile questa versione su PS2

Great game, playing with a controllable party mod almost done

This is the worst game I've ever played. Peak

My favorite game of all time. Means a lot to me.

tartarus makes me cry. but its persona 3 so

Um RPG com potencial para ter mais de 80 horas de duração era uma coisa que me assustava bastante. É muito empenho e tempo dedicado em apenas 01 jogo, mas ainda assim eu sinto que valeu a pena. Persona 3, no que o define como um RPG em turnos, funciona de uma forma excepcional, sendo divertido lutar e criar estratégias com a troca de personas e planejamento com as possíveis party de aliados. A parte de ação do game não me frustrou por 80% do jogo, e esses 20% se justificam por erros que eu cometi por não saber de algumas mecânicas do game que desbloqueiam personas novos para fusão e pelo fato de que eu resolvi fazer minha primeira jogatina no difícil, o que foi um erro enorme. Esse jogo é mais difícil do que parece. Ele vai exigir de você farm para conseguir fazer personas de níveis maiores e o farm, obviamente, fica mais difícil e demorado no modo difícil. Acabou que no final jogo eu recorri à alguns cheats para corrigir alguns erros que eu cometi e não poderia resolver no
endgame, o que envolve principalmente eu não ter dado importância para as malditas quests da Elizabeth (pelo amor de Deus, fiquem atentos com as quests da Elizabeth). Mas enfim, ter que ter recorrido a cheats para diminuir minha frustração com o game não me faz sentir nem um pouco bem =/, então acho que vou acabar rejogando esse jogo eventualmente para fazer as coisas de forma correta no modo difícil e poder ficar 100% contente com a finalização desse ótimo game. A parte que envolve rotina desse game, com interações e relações que se desenvolvem ao longo dos dias é ótima e ainda é acompanhada com uma trilha sonora muito boa. Os personagens começam a ser muito importantes pra você sabe, ver como as coisas se desenrolam e as histórias de cada um, ainda mais com o tempo que você passa com eles (no meu caso, eu passei uns 2 meses jogando), a pessoa sente que faz parte daquela história sabe? E o final do game ainda aumenta mais a carga emocional disso tudo, mas eu não vou me prolongar para não dar spoilers. Mas sério, é uma jornada emocionante e ela merece seu tempo. Meu primeiro contato com essa franquia foi por meio desse jogo e eu sinto que fui muito bem apresentado.

Comecei a ter vontade de viver por causa desse jogo, toda sua dinâmica sobre morte, as questões do makoto, oque é ser vivo com a aigis, tudo desse jogo é muito bom, menos a exploração do tartarus (xd) mas além disso, eu amo muito esse jogo de forma emotiva que nem undertale

I summarized my thoughts on Persona 3 in my Persona 3 Reload review but I’ll say it again: This game is incredible and my favorite JRPG of all time. That’s all I need to say.