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For me this is the peak of this series. Experimental and rough, but that's the fun of it. Story is one of the best in SMT.

Es difícil abordar una reseña para este juego, por que simplemente el juego en si mismo es difícil de abordar, su música es simplemente sobresaliente, todas las pistas que suenan en este juego son oro, su jugabilildad es fácil de aprender y difícil de perfeccionar, pero es estúpidamente satisfactoria y aún siendo el más tosco de los tres grandes (al menos hasta ahora) juegos principales de Persona, es por meritos propios un deleite al jugarse. Su historia es también un apartado difícil de abarcar, es muy, muy buena y su final es muy bello, pero con al menos 60hrs de duración se puede hacer difícil de seguir, aún con eso, considero que es la mejor historia de la saga. En comparación de los otros Persona siguientes, la curva de aprendizaje puede ser algo variable, especialmente si no comprendes o explotas en su totalidad el sistema de juego, pero aún así, es cuestión simplemente de marcarse una buena estrategia, el no poder controlar los compañeros es definitivamente un problema, pero uno que se puede sobrellevar. Los social links hacen su primera aparición aquí, en su aspecto más primitivo, pero aún así, de buena manera. El juego es simplemente un sobresaliente y la mejor manera de empezar la saga. Su continuación está lejos de ser tan buena como la historia principal, especialmente por lo repetitiva que se puede volver, pero aún así, la historia principal es insuperable.

I think this is my GOTY 2022 technically not the first time I went through P3 but it was the first time I went through FES and I REALLY enjoyed it. Like way more than any other game I played this year so I'm giving it my GOTY

losigo jugando pero es UN HORRO EN PC cxdxx

the gameplay is atrocious tartarus fucking sucks and the already mediocre story is ruined by shitty pacing

Mid game. Writing is quite outdated. Some characters are whatever. Gameplay is eh. Tartarus = doo doo.
The Answer is literal trash.

snoooore mimimimi snoooore mimimimi
massively overrated story and gameplay that will bore you to death, name a worse duo. the characters are slightly better than persona 4's but that isn't really a great achievement

I really enjoyed this game. I understand why people don't as admittedly it's the gameplay, especially in the Tartarus portions, isn't the best. Early Atlus in general, just is not the best. What it lacks in its combat, at least to me, it more than makes up for in its story and social links. If it weren't for the dated graphics and sluggish gameplay, it'd be my favorite game in the series.

This review contains spoilers

This game is my favorite in the franchise. For me, P4 is Goofy and P5 is Edgy and without passion, but this game, it actually f*cking changed my perspective in life. I never would ask myself why I live, or my objectives, and this game made me realize how little is the time I have, and I should cherish it. I absolutely recommend it, and if Atlus doesn’t overprice the absolute hell out of this game, you should play it.

This game is in every mf top 5 on this site y’all try a different stylus game I beg of you

Absolutely one of the best JRPGS to date. The story is amazing, the concepts and themes of the game are so raw and emotional. It is pretty edgy, but that's just the nature of the game, considering it deals with Death for about 80% of the time. I wish the future Persona games would go back to their dark roots, one that makes you question your humanity and what it means to live and grow up. It captures that human essence of what it's like to grieve and cope with death, whether it be a foreign subject to some or a common event that impacts the lives of others. You might come to dislike and hate the way some characters react about certain events in the game, but I feel that it's due to the fact that it's very realistic. Heroic and valiant characters are so common that seeing anyone display a sense of humanity is off-putting, but that's what's so great about the story. That, and the fact that there's always goofy, funny moments to alleviate the edginess.
FES is a deluxe version to the base Persona 3 games and that does have its faults at times. The main thing added to the base game is the extra story mode, which isn't all that fun; you'll mostly play it for the story rather than the enjoyment of the game, as it becomes more about grinding. But there's more quality-of-life and story-related changes that come with FES that make it worth playing instead of the base game.
Seriously, super great game for the time and absolutely amazing story. This version is the one to play; Portable is just lacking.

I came to this game after finishing Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal, and while I can't say I enjoyed this game as much as those 2, I'll start this review with the positive things. The story is so damn good. Without getting to into spoilers, all emotional beats are hit, especially late game, making for a very somber and emotional experience. The music is also fantastic, and always fits the tone especially in areas like the month of January. Many of the Social links like the Sun, Star, Aeon, Heirophant, and Devil are all also amazing, and some of the best of the series. My issues, however, begin with the games pacing as its fucking atrocious. Jack shit happens until September, and days before them become very repetitive and uninteresting, making the early game so incredibly slow and boring. Along with this, the main combat area, Tartarus, is super boring. It is repetitive in every sense of the word with each floor being identical to the last with no end in sight. Along with lacking the quality of life of future persona games, Persona 3 FES has many issues that bring down its score for me. However, despite all of this, I can confidently say this game is worth experiencing for the plot alone, along with the addicting fusing and combat featured in other modern persona games.

and definitely my favorite persona game ive played so far (ive only played p5 and p1)
I didnt even mind not being able to control my party members until Yukari's dipshit UI self diarahan'd herself and then got Charmed and Mediarahan'd the final boss.
I think my biggest issue with this game is just that you can Really feel this was atlus' first outing with this new social stat and social link system in full throttle... so the result is a lot of the female character social links just have that palpable sense of "oh my gawd dude she's TOTALLY INTO U hurhur" energy from time to time, like i dont think there's a single fuckin girl in this game that Doesnt crush on minato/makoto/whichever tf u prefer in some way and its kind of annoying especially when its like a crux for character development or something... I also dislike THAT specific beach scene... you know the one ofc, but that beach arc honestly was good barring that one moment and thankfully doesnt dwell on it or even mention it past its moment :/
But all that aside this game totally feels like the Persona subseries' equivalent of Nocturne to me, a game thats lauded as hard as fuck by the general consensus but I dont feel the same way at all and think its challenge is rewarding to learn the ins and out of. There's only a handful of bosses in this game that really feel like "ok. i GOTTA train a little bit harder bc i dont have any means of asspulling my way through this" and to me that was Smooth Dancer and that one fucker table that knows Megido/Megidola for some reason & kept hitting me with Fear all the time.. fuck both of those guys LMFAO.
But the game is actually preeeeetty generorus with how much you can explore tartarus and im gonna come out and say it, i LOVED tartarus, I loved having a battle tower to get shit in and get everyone all rounded up in. It was actually really fun, especially with how there was loot chests and shit to find that had a fuckton of yen AND bum ass weapons that you can just sell for more yen
Why would u hate that
Well, i can kind of understand the perspective Why,
If you dont find the gameplay loop satisfying and are so sick of hearing mass destruction you wanna smash your head through the CRT(im lucky enough to have played this game physically on my ps2), then youre shit out of luck and you gotta buck-up and deal because you pretty much CANT low-ball this shit too hard otherwise youre absolutely shooting yourself in the foot when its time to throw hands.
And thats another thing, FUCK getting the ultimate persona for the main character in this game, im not talkin' about the finer details of it but you genuinely would need to sit there milking every single day for as much experience as the fatigue system will grant you to even reach that shit in your first playthrough...
I love this game but i wasnt about to do that bullshit LMFAO
So yeah all in all if you couldnt tell already from this long ass essay, i WAS H O O K E D, i loved the story even the bits i was spoiled about because nobody in this fanbase knows how to not ruin good storytelling.. actually.. NAH..i enjoyed it all because it was in the moment. Persona 3 to me is a beautiful video game about people dealing with loss and the grievances of everyday life, its more than just "the edgy one" its a masterfully crafted story about a group of people Definitely not liking who they are or being around each other that come to genuinely grow and face the ugliness of loss and lack thereof where something you feel should be whole, is broken. It's a game that offers not just that good ass smt extra turn gameplay but also really doubles into it's themes by having you take the brunt of nihilism with the will of knowing and experiencing that life is very fleeting and life can be unfair, it can be confusing and it can be cruel. And for as many things as it can be, amidst all that shit is the wonder of change and connection and growth that any human is capable of being
And THATS why it hits so hard.
So yeah Junpei and Aigis are the best characters
Yukari is mad overhated and is genuinely a good character
Uhhh fuck the guy who wrote Online Gamer MMO social link Rank 8
This game is also deadass easy even without being able to control my party members, i played on normal and i think im fully convinced now that the ppl tht say this simply played it as one of their first smt games or on hard mode and thats why its a fatherfucker to them
But yaaa, TRY IT! cya when persona 3 portable drops on xbox i guess so i can properly evaluate the changes from FES and Portable respectively >:D
btw the answer is cool bye

The story was a lot more interesting than every other Atlus game I've played. I think if a remake gave it a lot of quality of life improvements to make its gameplay match that of newer entries then it could be a solid half a star higher. Besides gameplay the only flaw I have to say is it surprisingly did not make me cry like 4 and 5 did.

If they remake this game then it will be infinitely superior and you should play it, otherwise it's pretty outdated and can drag on which is a shame, because the themes and story of the game are pretty compelling.

PlayStation 3 via PlayStation 2 Classic Download on PSN Store.

Play with control party mods and it's bearable than rng'ing your way through tartarus, the worst dungeon ever, Aside from that the plot's good

This review contains spoilers

I have a lot of things to say about this game.
(Referring to MC as Minato, spoilery review. I don't know how to pace things, much like this game.)
(Short version)
This game is sorta like the embodiment of washing dishes. It is extraneously monotonous for long sections, as most of the game's story progression happens once a month in-game. It has a lot of cool and amazing ideas which aren't implemented in the best way. The last arc of the game is worth it for all of its faults though. Easy 7/10.
(Long version)
Out of all the Persona games, this is the one that's hooked me the most. I started the franchise with Persona 5, as most did, but I've never finished that game for reasons. Persona 3's gritty and dark nature, as well as unique soundtrack were the hook for me, and I finally sat down and played the game this summer.
This game has an extremely slow start, and there isn't really a lot to do. There's social links you can develop, but it's for boring characters. All your party members are locked behind raising your skills like charm, which is extremely dumb, considering that the story moves at a snail's pace and that you don't really do much with them besides Tartarus and full moon events. Did I mention that you can only have social links with female party members? And that you HAVE to romance them?? Yeah, the social link system is a mess, and most of the social links aren't particularly fun to go through.
The only other thing you can do until the game starts getting more interesting is raise your stats by doing events like studying, or doing activities at the mall. Hence why I say it's monotonous.
It's time I address the most gameplay heavy part of Persona 3, Tartarus. AKA the 264 floor long monolith of a dungeon. Admittedly, I really like it. Having a full month to go through about 20-30 randomly generated, albeit, VERY short floors is not the chore most think it is, even without party control. However, I wouldn't blame you at all if you thought it was grating in the early weeks of the game.
With only Junpei and Yukari in your party, and not being levelled up high enough, going up here can be a real pain with how tired they can get. The AI is also at a point where it doesn't quite adapt very well to situations. However, Tartarus gets SO much more bearable when Akihiko joins the team. Junpei and Yukari are also levelled up high enough at this point (presumably), so they stop getting tired as often, and having beat the first full moon boss, you've also gotten another Tactics command to use.
From here on out, Tartarus is basically a breeze to go through, bar the mini-bosses. I don't know if I was overlevelled, or if I was just lucky, but I only ever died on the mini-bosses after Mitsuru joined my party.
The non controllable party is something I personally really appreciate, as having TOO much fluidity overwhelms me. There's definitely a learning curve here, but this little feature gives the characters so much more life. Like of course Junpei is gonna be rash in battles and use attacks! He's trying to prove himself. Yukari missing shots feels like a sign of her own personal inferiority complex, but I'm definitely reading too much into this. Mitsuru being adamant and using her charm spells, missing and STILL constantly using them is just, such a Mitsuru thing to do. They really feel personified and seen here, and I'm here for it.
The game finally kicks into gear when you meet the deuratagonist, Aigis. It's kind of a battle staying invested until then, with everything I've outlined. The overall story about the shadows, and the Kirijos also starts to take flight here, and all of a sudden it just feels like too much info at once, given how they've only been vagueing you until this point with everything. I get what they were going for, and I would've been fine with it if things to do in-game were actually more engaging. The story structure is something I don't have a lot of complaints for on its own, but paired with the flawed game design, it's just very iffy.
Back to topic though. Have I talked about this game's themes yet? I love how Persona 3 has a single theme, focusing on mortality. The absolutely hit the nail on the head with it. The persona summoning animation is one of my favourite things to come out of a videogame, ever. Even with the game's slow start, the theme of death is ever-present, and kinda hard to escape, eerily like death itself ahahaha
October 4th 2009. This is when the this theme starts to manifest itself into the story and characters more. After one of our beloved party members dies, everybody has realistic and differing reactions to it. Most notably Ken and Akihiko. Ken became a perma member of my party from here on out (which is actually super useful, he has the most varied skillsets for no reason, from Hama to MULTI MEMBER healing). Shinjiro's death, well, death in general in this game doesn't feel like a cheap plot device. We're given a clear look into the motivations, acceptance and just general growth of the people affected by it, on all fronts. This is an extremely tricky subject to deal with, and I'm still in awe at how Persona 3 works with it.
The themes in this game don't feel contradictory at all, unlike Persona 4 and 5, but that's a topic for another time. I don't know if I CAN describe how absolutely amazing it is in the right way. They NEVER drag out the death segments, and I love them for it. For a game that has that as its main focus, they treat it with the amount of respect it deserves. It never comes off as edgy, or overdramatic or anything. It's treated as something completely natural, and while you KNOW the characters are broken through these events, these events NEVER overstay their welcome, and that just makes it so much more poignant to me. Death is just something that happens, the moment of is cruel, yet short and sweet.
Characters' newfound resolutions from major events in their lives from here on out lead to Persona evolutions and oh my gosh are all of these moments really cool. Peak show-not-tell structure.
This brings me to the final stretch of the game. Despite my many, many grievances with Persona 3, these 4 in-game months, are absolutely worth the slog and hype. The story is at its peak, with enough events happening to keep the game from being monotonous, Ryoji literally just exists and improves the game tenfold. This segment REALLY makes you lose your grip on reality and subjects you to a choice that is too impossible to even think about naturally. In the game itself, the path you must choose is extremely clear but its implications are extremely heavy and drastic, and you're fully able to immerse yourself into this dilemma you've created. That's all I really want to say about this part, I don't particularly want to do it injustice by not explaining it properly. If you still haven't played Persona 3 and you're reading this, please, just go play it. Do yourself a favour.
Of course, this review wouldn't be complete if I didn't talk about the characters for a bit. I'm going to start off with the protagonist, Minato Arisato. He's just, well, okay. I love the guy and his design but the game doesn't do itself ANY favours by making him a silent protagonist. This isn't even a fish out of water type situation where he's completely new, he is fully intertwined in the game's core story and while I guess he IS the transfer student, he's just more involved in everything, ESPECIALLY from a past perspective compared to other protagonists. The movie does a really good job characterizing his depression and growth from what I've heard, but I really wish he wasn't a self insert. Aigis or Yukari is so much more suited for the protagonist role, and I'm glad The Answer exists.
Speaking of Aigis, I love love LOVE her. She's been enriching this game ever since she first appeared, and serves as a really good contrast to what the game stands for. She has her own arc about her purpose, but aside from all that, she's the personification of the fact that life is worth living. Her attachment to Minato is very much proof of this. She's just such a ray of hope in this otherwise dark and depressing game, and for a character who's built off of a very basic trope of "Robot wants to become human", I'm in awe of how they manage her in the game. And I haven't even played through The Answer yet.
Junpei is a character I find interesting, and I wish they did more with him. I love his resentment towards Minato and his hero complex. I was really hoping they would do more with that character trait, especially after Chidori becomes a part of the story, by making him question his ideals completely after he's faced with a dilemma that she brings up. I also wish he got more moments with Minato in general, without just making them look like besties only because they're the only two guys in the same group.

I don't really have too much to say about any of the other characters that aren't social links (do NOT get me started on those or I will actually not shut up), aside the fact that they're cool and I liked what they offered in the game. Also I'm half asleep writing this.
Persona 3 is a game that is really, really rough around the edges. The blatant pedophilia in Social Links and transphobia are really eyebrow raising. The Social Links are not as fun as most claim. The pacing is something that I will never not take issue with. The game gets so monotonous over time due to lack of story progression 70% of the time. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed myself when I was still playing it. But as time goes on, I'm able to look back at this mess of a game more fondly, and appreciate the message it brings out. The battle to achieve and attain collective happiness isn't straight or true. It takes time, and as we all know, Time never waits. It delivers all equally to the same end. That End is completely dependant on the way you live your life and view your own personal journey, and I can't help but applaud Persona 3 for the way it talks about this complicated message without babying us or over-exaggerating it.
(I will edit this when I finish The Answer, and when I find things to say about the other characters)

eu quero tentar denovo, tem boas ideias aqui.
Mas, sempre acaba sendo um jogo lento e tedioso todas as vezes que tento.

maybe i'll pick it back up one day but this game is just not doing it for me skull emoji

Eu gostei bastante do jogo, a história é boa e o gameplay foi bem "diferente".
a parte social de persona é bem agradável, e eu aprendi a gostar de andar por tartarus depois de um tempo. Você não poder controlar seus aliados não foi um problema pra mim (talvez seja um problema maior no hard, eu joguei no normal) e eu acho isso bom pra deixar as batalhas mais curtas(dependendo da I.A da party), além de eu achar que faz sentido pra história controlarmos diretamente apenas o nosso personagem.
todos os bosses da história foram bem fáceis.

After playing the P5R I feel even better about its story.
Garbage Tartarus and weak commu doesn't matter anymore since I've already suffered.

Achei que seria ruim por ser um jogo mais antigo, e eu estava certo.
Eu prefiro achar que esse jogo é apenas a versão beta teste para a maravilha que estava para vindo pela frente, P4!

If Persona 3 and 5 switched places and 3 released in 2016 it would be considered the absolute best of the franchise by a long shot.